Ageing populations have major consequences for all humankind



So our pensions are gonna be worthless and we are going to have to work into our early 100s



Good post Blindjustice BATONEFFECT.

A little bit of other info that might help us to visualise what will happen

Note that the death rate fell seven years in a 10 year period. This is what I think will happen to all elderly societies; and forecasts that we will live to 120 without youth support etc are way off the mark.

Yes any savings, pensions will be rifled; it is starting already via International Financial Buccaneers and **Dubh Linn **(black hole or whatever) is where allot of savings is vanishing from!


At the moment there 500,000 people over aged 65 and there are 5 people working for every pensioner, by 2036 there will be 1.1million people over aged 65 and only 2 people working for every pensioner
(this was taken from a speach by seamus brennan)

So basically for anybody who is not over age 65 get ready to work two jobs so you can pay for other peoples pensions and then when you retire (aged 80) hopefully you’ll die instantly rather than survive on the crumbs left behind


Bismarck introduced pensions as a way of having an unattainable pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for workers.

The retirement age was set at 65 as this was well beyond the mortality of the majority.

Women’s retirement age was historically lower as they were historically more likely to die young due to the ill effects of being used as breeders.

Governments are slow to catch on when actuarial rates change. Eventually they will and will start to increase the pension age. This has already happened in some countries for women (e.g. the UK).

Given that state pension ages will continue to increase, there will not be more pensioners per worker. There will be more over 65s working as a proportion of the workforce than currently.


Very good post “Who’ll take the rap?” regarding Russia and its current “modern” state.
I have only just left Moscow last week and I can only concur with all of your post.I lived there for some time and now periodically revisit when I have the opportunity. In my opinion the cost of living there has practically doubled in the last year…but pensions have not. As a matter of fact the latest whisper on the grapevine is that they have “lost” millions of peoples pensions aged 35 and over just this year! this space.
With our ISEQ in practical freefall and a government ill-equipped to govern…we are seeing millions being wiped of our future pensions monthly. I feel that the future history books will judge the infamous “Celtic Tiger Years” as a time of great waste and lost opportunities.


I love how one generation has to work until they drop to pay for the retirement of a different one.

Chances are that taxes will be increased also which means that not only will you not get much of a retirement, but they’ll have also taken all the money that you could have put in your own retirement fund.

I’m sure it’ll go down well with those paying back 2006 mortgages.


I have a PRSA with a retirement age of 65. Can someone explain to me how I’m affected by any of this?


You may not get your state pension until you’re 300.

You should still be able to claim your PRSA pension, which is, in any case, taxed, but chances are you won’t be able to live on it - unless you follow my cunning plan -

  • stick it all in an ARF
  • defraud yourself of most of it
  • spend it on booze and birds

I call it the George Best Retirement Bondage.


**yoganmahew wrote:

Spot on.


State pension is only around 10K a year if I remember correctly? I don’t know about you but I plan to be getting much more than that from my own pension after tax.


ARF!! Will the Government pay for half the cost of booze? XD
Then we might be able to afford a taxi home from the pub, instead of staying at home and annoying the wife.

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Other european countries are further down the line with this. The current 50 year olds in Germany (their population bulge) are seeing high Rentenversicherung (pension insurance) deductions from their wages. But the name is a misnomer as the money goes towards those currently already retired. And they can see that there aren’t many 20 - 40 year olds around to support them when they retire. I’m sure it’s similar in France, Italy etc.

What may be different about Ireland is that when the current 30 year olds are 50, they may still be having to pay a significant proportion of their salary towards their mortgage. All depends how salaries grow and general inflation in the next 20 years.

Russia is also different. The reason the Germans and most west europeans are paying so much taxes towards current pensions is because people are living longer. Due to various social reasons (including alcoholism and poor health services) Russia is unique in Europe in that the life expecentancy is dropping. Look at Germany, France, Holland, Sweden etc to see how ageing will affect Ireland in the future.


TUG. I stand corrected on my sporting memory.

Persius! The German situation is different from the Russians, but is only marginal after the accession of former GDR. The Russians are in a great position to milk the Germans by way of charging more for Gas. We will also be ripped off, even though we are surrounded by the stuff; the Irish Politicians have not understood that you can keep on building houses(as this is what they can do) if we dug the gas up and sold it on! When the German Ambassador gave out about the Irish; he did so from this background

Now, to say that peoples lifespan will not reverse in Europe in the present environment is like saying that property prices will keep rising!

The above is REALITY; it is not theory or waffle. It has been unfolding before our eyes for the past twenty years. We as a Nation have walked with our eyes wide open into the oncoming storm, to put it mildly.

We exploited our youth Resource (lumped them with bigger and bigger mortgages without any pull back, until the system collapsed); we gave away our hydrocarbon Resource; we rejected any contribution of where to apply the brakes from a religious doctrine Resource that is rapidly disappearing. I call them the loss of the modern Irish Three Rs. Why? The caption underneath is an indicator to the answer!


Surprised no-one has said it yet, give financial incentives for people to have babies!
The country that comes to mind is France. They had a population ‘crisis’ pre 90’s and the govt took action.(not to be confused with the jobs problem which is another issue)

All sorts of financial incentives and work friendly initiatives were thrown at prospective mothers/families and voila, their declining birth rate rose again to sustainable levels(replacement level). ( )

Pity Ireland Inc don’t follow the lead but then again 35yr jumbo mortgages ain’t helping couples at all :imp:


From this point of view, there’s nothing inherently wrong with welfare girls squeezing out kids by the new time, provided those kids are educated properly. But people would rather die, it seems.


Looking at … 81181.html , it seems to be a mixed bag of stats. Births are actually(2006) at their highest since 1990 and the total fertility rate i think is around 1.9(2nd after France in EU) which is surprising, must be all those renters with money left over to have kids :laughing: