Agents to be happy bunnies after Easter

Some fun to be had with this article methinks…I thought they were to be happy campers after Xmas 07??

What exactly does this “regrouping” involve, a very active sounding word for what essentially involves sitting on your ass waiting for the phone to ring.

Yes, 300,000 empty houses are going to disappear. Zimzallabim - size of a mouse! Oh, bugger, it’s turned into size of an elephant instead!

Things seem to have picked up in my area already - 6 properties that I know of have Sold (after a brief Sale Agreed) in the last month.

Would these be FTB properties?

Its still too expensive for FTB’s to enter the pyramid. Movers on a couple of rungs higher have more flexibility to move pricewise and find a buyer who is also moving, they just have to make sure they find a buyer who is not 2nd last in chain.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Things coming out after Easter will probably include Worry Beads, Rosary Beads, Prayer Mats and Novena’s. :laughing:

Actually, none of that makes sense. It defies the pyramid model. :confused:

Cleaning out that storeroom that’s been needing cleaning since before the boom. Lay off some staff. Catch up with family, etc.

Exiled, you forgot about attending back slapping meetings at the IAVI. :laughing:

How would you define a FTB property these days? By price? Even at the height of the madness not all FTBs were buying shoeboxes on the side of motorways.

I haven’t a clue what the asking price was on 3 of the properties as they never appeared on Daft or MyHome. 2 others appeared on price drop reports with modest drops c. 3 or 5%

All were 2nd hand semis.

So that’s 18 months of “regrouping”.

They must have been very scattered.

Well if the said EAs’ forecasting abilities are anything to go by, they won’t have enough money left for a hard cheese sandwich at Stansted airport terminal after a week at Cheltenham.

The best banter to be had was at the Galway races 2007 – it will be very difficult to recreate that cash-fuelled paddy-whackery on these isles for a long time to come.

I’ve noticed about two dozen properties moving from for sale status in my area of South Dublin. A few have gone back on the market in recent days, while there have been far more sold.
I think some people have been seeing what they percieve as value after the stamp duty reform and multiple price drops. Most of these properties would have been priced originally from 700k-1M so the stamp savings coupled with 10%-15% drops would be seen as significant for a lot of people.

It’ll be a storm alright… :unamused:

The sun’ll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There’ll be sun!

Just thinkin’ about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there’s none!

When I’m stuck a day
That’s gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,

The sun’ll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You’re always
A day
A way!

EA1: “Hmm, we are running out of cash fast, how can we save some money?”
EA2: “Close the office for 2 weeks?”
EA1: “But that will look terrible! It will look like nothing it selling”
EA2: “Lets say we are all going on holiday to get ready for the (late) Spring selling season!”
EA1: “Excellent”
Clink of glasses