Agricultural Land

What costs €8,692 in the former West Germany,

€13,118 in Scotland,

€22,030 in the South Eastern region of England,

€41,125 in Northern Ireland,

€52,640 in Cork,

€55,822 in Offaly,

€60,762 in Wexford,

and €111,465 in Dublin?.

A hectare of agricultural land that’s what.

1 hectare = 2.47 acres

German Statistics Office 2006 figures.

Irish Farmers Journal agricultural land price survey 2007

UK Valuation Office Agency agricultural land price report 2006

Its the quality of the soil.



Is that apples with oranges tho…

Benchmarking has it’s dangers, is it worthwhile really considering agircultural land in Dublin at all anymore?

The land in the East of this Island is the best farmland in the country.
There are farms in Lucan!


This is jaw dropping; raving, foaming at the mouth, bonkers, madness.
Its full blown mania out there at the edge with the Dutch Tulips and the Florida Land Bubble of 1926.

I bet they get better rents for agri land in Germany than they do in Ireland. You would be lucky to get €100-200 an acre in Ireland I’d guess, can any one confirm this?

Duplex - its obvious from your above post that you know very little about Irish agricultural land and just how good the soil quality is.

Grab a clump of muck and if you look close enough you will notice speckles of gold dust intermingled


Yer right mate, the auld sod must have gold dust, diamonds, uranium and several other very precious commodities liberally scattered in the top soil and beneath that vast reserves of oil and gas. :slight_smile:

Actually the soil is 50% cocaine that has been shaken off our 100 Euro bills. You would think it would be more valuable, however the other 50% is raw sewage from Galway…

How about intervention for excess houses?

Or even a cull of the housing stock.

If there any Irish farmers out there reading this. SELL UP THE FARM GET GERMAN LESSONS AND GO AND BUY A FARM IN GERMANY TEN TIMES THE SIZE. **And do it now! **

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Get this, when eircom was still Telecom Eireann me father worked there and do you know what else, he was being trained for DSL implementaion way back in the early 90s. I remember the manuals lying around the house, I remember there were limits over a kilometre or so on delivery and various things like that all dependant on the closest equipped exchange.

looks like 10 years later still having the same trouble.

Bertie & his gang of no good fucked up half-wits fucked up big style there.

10 years to build 2 tram lines.

(how long did it take to do the DART, back when we were broke 2-3 years perhaps)

Once again Bertie & his gang of no good fucked up half-wits fucked up big style there.

It Took 10 years for Stamp duty to become an issue with the same government thats has become a radioactive hot potatoe that some claim if it is not dealt with will RUIN the economy JAYSUS :open_mouth: .

Once again Bertie & his gang of no good fucked up half-wits fucked up big style there.

See a pattern here?

Need I fucking go on? :imp: :imp: :imp:

No way - my friend said the very same words a few months ago - really stuck in my head

No way - so did mine.
And you know what else - he went to get broadband and rang up everyone except eircom and they all said “no your exchange is not enabled”
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The other companies were being told that his line was on one exchange when my father KNEW from working with Telecom Eireann that he was not on that exchange.

No other company could give him broadband except the magicians at eircom

Duplex I have rented 3 acres of agricultural land for the past two years. Before I did so I confirmed the normal rental fee with a local land agent. €100/acre/year. I made a fortune :unamused:

bella: what was your crop?

Sorry, I should have said I Let.

It’s just grass for cattle in Co. Meath

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I hope you’re ok. Were they able to reattach your finger?

Edit: Just read that again ‘nearly chopped off.’ Painful nontheless I’m sure. :confused:

lol - didnt cut through the bone
I get a week and a half off work though - plenty of time to spam the site

Interesting report from Savills on Irish agricultural land values (or Irish agricultural land mania). The charts on page two are worth a look in particular if only for their sobering effect. Note that when the late 70’s agricultural land bubble burst, prices didn’t recover even in ‘nominal terms’ until the late 90’s. :open_mouth: