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I have no clue at what agricultural land goes for. Is there a “price per acre” and how do regional and land quality differences vary?

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The Farmer’s Journal would be the place to watch, I reckon. Failing that, a rural pub…

Not up to date but indicative.

We were looking at buying agricultural land with an established residence (had to downsize our plans when Bank wouldn’t give us the mortgage) - seemed to us that if you give a rough guide of €10,000 per acre, the house is generally thrown in aswell.
Obviously factors such as the quality of the land, size of the lot, road frontage, location etc need to be considered.
Also look at any subsidiaries going with the property (I know they are earmarked for extinction, but general consensus is that some similar system will have to be introduced) and consider the low yield per acre - i.e. average rental would be approximately €150 per acre.
Not an expert but just my own thoughts…

agricultural land is currently buoyed by low interest rates, growing demand for fod, and rising but not outrageous input costs, as well as subsidies (farmers dole). This generates demand, and reduces supply, making it hard to buy good quality land. If inflation of input costs continues to increase, expect prices to drop. Do not be blinded by massive falls in the value of large zoned sites that once had development potential which are now back to agricultural status, or tracts of marginal land selling for a couple of grand an acre. In the main, land is still expensive and there is still plenty of cash about for what is available. Gonzalo Lira seems to think this situation may not last forever

What 10,000 per acre!

No way. Down here in the agricultural heartland of Kerry we know that land is the only thing that they aint’ making and more of and it is valued accordingly, even without it having a standing residence on it! … 59426.html

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Reading the article, the thought that comes to mind is that the farmer who sold the land originally to ‘developers’ at boom prices, may have stashed the cash in the mattress and waited. The patience has paid off and he/she has bought it back at what seem like high prices but are only a fraction of what they were paid for it originally. The mattress may be a little saggier, but I suspect that it is still well stuffed compared to a lot of our mattresses.

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