Ahern admits abolishing property tax was ‘mistake’

“we would have got out in a more organised way” - interesting choice of words.

Typical aherne find the right excuse then make an admission. “Bertie for mayor (of Kabul).”

Anyone remember what he said his “one regret” was when he left office? Yup, not building a national stadium. Fucking prick.

In fairness, as I recall, the media were total assholes about the residential property tax.

Gay Byrne launched a one man campaign against it. Castigating the rainbow government at the time about it.

Fianna Fail know better than anyone that the Irish electorate are above all being open to being bought come voting time.

An awful lot of me feiners in Ireland.

Who are “we”
govt, bankers, builders, developers, Land bankers.
Fcuk the people that were conned and protect the Galway Tent elite, I bet thats what he means the C**t

ah would ye feck off out of that - Bertie is a disgrace - there is no other description for someone who was caught with his hand in the till yet still swears blind he did nothing wrong. The least he could do is "man the fcuk up "and shoulder some responsibility - I have more respect for a steaming turd than this cretin

Speak your mind why dont ya, :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

I have been saying this for years on the Pin,
but not one political party said at the time we should leave it in place if memory serves me correctly.

People in this country could not get their heads around the fact that such taxes were anti-speculative,
and were exactly what we DID need during a boom!

Still, I have to live with the shame and indignity,
that my beloved Fine Gael even opposed the abolishment of the First Time Buyers Grant
and the removal of mortgage interest relief at the time of the Bacon reports.
thankfully most Irish people forget what happened last week, never mind 10 years ago 8DD

Dark days for Fine Gael at that time. Compensate Eircom shareholders, taxi drivers, spend more.

Couldn’t have backfired more spectacularly. I almost vote against them.

I’m not defending Ahern. Politicians face pressure from the media all the time. I’m just saying the media pressure was there.

You don’t always have to pander to the public or the media, but unfortunately that was a key element of Ahernism.
Bertie was a man who just couldn’t say ‘no’ and never refused anything.

1997 is long enough ago for him to assume people wouldn’t question the validity of the statement. Why was stamp duty not enough to stamp out the rampant speculation? Because so many of the properties were below the stamp duty thresholds size wise?

Put simply I think if stamp duty couldn’t limit speculation, then it’s unlikely that the 1997 property tax would have done so.

I wasn’t living here in 1997 - I was in Belgium in a city with functional public transport and sufficiently low rents for me to be able to rent a 1 bedroomed apartment on a secretarial salary. I couldn’t do that in Dublin.

For all I care, Ahern can go and relocate on Rockall. There were plenty of tools he could have applied to sorting this out in since 1997 in terms of financial regulation. He didn’t do it. For years he sold a vision that the status quo was okay and said things to people pointing out rocks on the road to come that were - at best - insulting and deeply offensive (even if he did apologise for them afterwards…cf suicide commensts).

And now I’m supposed to believe we’d have been fine if he didn’t abolish residential property tax in 1997.

If he genuinely thinks that this is the case, then I’m sad to say I think he’s wrong. Completely wrong.

There is no way that everyone can exit a bubble intact. That’s the nature of a bubble. An awful lot of people lose. Your best protection is preventing one in the first place. This has been inflating since 2000. When you see people starting to break credit rule that have been in place for years to be able to loan increasing amounts of money then there is clearly something wrong. This could have been sorted out in 2001 latest.

Hindsight is 20-20 vision.

The way I see it Ahern is as slippery and fake as most of his mates in FF. His view over the years has been that he was some sort great leader, because he was good at facilitating others, (deals with unions etc) was all very well when a monkey could have been running the show. Of course when things don’t pan out, he then reverts to the old " well it’s what everybody wanted at the time " line. Was he in charge or not, or just a mascot?. He is probably still hankering after the job in the park and will be sure to be spinning the old unassuming charade, which seems to fool so many.
On the frontline last night Mehole Martin was at the same game. On the one hand he was against changing the system as he said words to the effect that it was better to have local politicians who could be on the ground shaking hands and dealing with local problems… And then when asked about the issue of small business’s being hammered by rate rises proceeded to say that it was all the local councillors fault! :unamused: All I can say is that anyone who votes for any of those LIARS deserves what they get.

Here it is, and a picture of Clowen placing a bet in the bookies


Who needs a State Circus :unamused:

but look at this, a week later:


The front page of newspaper continues to read like a chronicle of aherns life for months after - like a hello magazine for bertie.

I date the end of the circus to June 22-29th of that year. I was on the ferry after having been in Germany and I noticed the bouyant mood of the country had been led by the sindo up to that point but the truth was coming out then, far too late. The headlines on the 22nd read:


I recall that was the first many people had heard of a slowdown.

A week later


June 2008 - near zero growth my hole, this was around 2 years after real growth had stopped which was when this took place