Ahern Lashes Out In Angry Fit of "property bubble"

Are the Irish Governement in complete denial of the Irish PRoperty Bubble

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**Looks like Bertie Ahern would much like the Irish Property Bubble to simply go away! Sorry Bertie, no can do, you’ve made you cake I suppose you better eat it.
A note Those who are reading from abroad, enjoy the “high” quality of debate in the Dail, our natioanl parliement, by our Premier Bertie Ahern when it comes to one of the most important isues of the day. The Irish Property Bubble

Ahern fires string of insults at Socialist TD Higgins

*The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern has lost his temper in the Dail during an exchange with Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins about the cost of housing.

Mr Higgins told the Dail that the cost of buying a house was now beyond most working people and that Fianna Fail, which receives vast sums of money from developers, was not doing anything to tackle the problem.

The Taoiseach, however, hit back by saying the Government had done more than any other administration in the history of the state in the area of social and affordable housing.

He then launched a string of insults on Mr Higgins and his socialist policies.

“You have a failed ideology, you have the most hopeless policy that I ever heard pursued by any nitwit,” Mr Ahern said.

"You are a failed person, you were rejected and your political philosophy has been rejected and you’re not going to pull people back into the failed old policies that you dreamt up in south Kerry when you were a young fella.

“Now go away.”*

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You can also watch it on rte news (check news archive for 21/6/06) pityful as it is. Nice one Bertie.


I really don’t see how after Bertie AHern appaling Dail performance the ECB & Trichet could have any faith in this Irish Government to handle the Irish Property Bubble or even engineer a “soft landing”.

I mean JOe has asked him exactly waht Trichet woudl like to know, I wonder would he be so bold in his response when talking to the Head of the ECB, I doubt it.

ECB president warns Ireland to calm housing market

European Central Bank (ECB) president Jean-Claude Trichet has called on the Government to take steps to ensure the stability of the Irish housing market, writes Marc Coleman, Economics Editor.

Addressing MEPs on the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee in Brussels yesterday, Mr Trichet said management of housing markets was the business of EU member states.

“There is a need to issue prudential warnings and messages that, combined with decisions taken at EU level, are incorporated into the economic cycles of EU member states,” he said in response to a question from Fianna Fáil MEP Eoin Ryan. “The Irish authorities are aware of their capacity and influence in this respect and we are counting on them.”

In response, Minister for Finance Brian Cowen said the Government would have to be careful in implementing any measures aimed at calming the housing market.

“The gradual phasing out of the tax-relief scheme is designed to avoid any sudden shock to the construction sector generally, having regard to the important contribution of this sector to Irish economic growth at present,” Mr Cowen said.

He was referring to property-related tax-incentive schemes, some of which include a housing component.

“The Government continues to run a prudent, stability-oriented budgetary policy which gives us room for manoeuvre in the event of an economic downturn,” he added.

Mr Trichet’s comments come as a new review of the housing market shows house-price inflation rose to 13 per cent last May, compared with about 5 per cent last autumn.

It is now at its highest level since 2000, according to the review published yesterday by Permanent TSB.

The Opposition has rounded on the Government’s handling of the housing market.

“Ireland is going closer and closer to the high-risk zone in relation to the economy’s dependence on the construction sector,” Labour’s spokeswoman on finance Joan Burton said. "The Government are aware of that and are terrified.

“Fianna Fáil is so closely allied to political support in the construction sector that I’m not sure the Government can stand back and fine-tune the kind of change that would give the sector a soft rather than a hard landing,” she added.

Fine Gael’s finance spokesman Richard Bruton said the Government was threatening the economy’s stability by ignoring calls for more stable management of the property market.

“The call from respected international bodies to manage pressures in this market more prudently are going unheeded,” Mr Bruton said.

“A budget which raises spending at twice the rate of projected tax-growth increases pressure, so does release of SSIA money.”

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It’s always instructive to see how quickly Fianna Fail fall into the trap of playing the man and not the ball, or in this case the ideology and not the substance of the argument…

Ironic considering they have so little appreciation of the politics for which Joe stands as they continually attest with their cries of North Korea and Stalin!

Still corruption in Ireland is dead and gone of course, brown envelopes for the developers, a complete lack of planning and a veritable race to the trough for the pigs of capital to swill to their greedy indefatigible little heart’s content… Yes it’s all over.

It’s with CJH in the grave!

I’m hereby starting a new campaign following the rejection of the naming of the Port Tunnel in the Boss’s honour by a narrow minded Labour representative.

Why not rename the airport? Charles J Haughey International!

And a mystery brown envelope for every punter through the doors!

As for the Tunnel, I have the perfect alternate suggestion…

The Terry Keane Affair!


Was looking back and it surprises me to say that of all the people in the debate on this thread Joe Higgens is the one with the grasp on reality!!!

Most of what Joe Higgins says is reasonable, with occasional forays into lunacy (and we’re all entitled to a few of those). His heart is in the right place, even if his head sometimes isn’t.

Most of what Bertie Aherne says can’t be understood, but his occasional forays into clarity suggest that his heart is in the wrong place, and his head is usually working well enough to keep him in power.

Moral of the story, to be succesful in politics it’s better to have a head than a heart. To be remembered fondly it’s better to have a heart than a head.


I’m not the biggest fan of the SP but I was sorry to see Joe Higgins fail to be re-elected. I mightn’t agree with all that he stands for but at least he seems to have integrity, something which is sorely lacking in most Irish politicians.

And he wouldn’t ever be giving himself a big raise as I believe it was his policy to only ever live on the average industrial wage.

We all know this type of democracy is just not working. Once a thing like Bertie B’Stard gets into power you know there is something seriously wrong. Did our former heros who freed us from the Brit tyranny envisage a figure like Ahern in this position. I think if they saw what was comming down the line then most would probably have reconsidered sacraficing their lives. Does anybody in this country think he is an honest man any more?

just goes to show you, the only politician who wasn’t being paid by the developers

I dunno, some would say they died precisely so that Ireland could elect any damn fool it wanted.

Give most people a choice between a corrupt and stupid leader that they elect themselves, or an honest intelligent leader imposed from the outside and most people will choose the former rather than the latter.


maybe its that they do know exactly the politics behind it all and rather they are playing on joe soaps ignorance by trying to associate Stalin and Joe Higgins in Joe Soaps head!

Maybe its that Fianna Fail are just damn good are playin the public for fools and now it seems the greens and obviously the PDs as they were destroyed in the last election.
Who got the crappy jobs - health care and justice - the PDs.
Who is in trouble now - Harney this week - Mc Dowell is already gone.
You could argue that Mc Dowell did a job of it himself but look at it this way - say he was in a different job in the past govt - one where he would not be in the public eye continuously.

Are Fianna just that damn good? Maybe Im WAAAAYYY too cynical :smiley:

I think there was a huge push to continually belittle Higgins. I remember the 2002 election, just about every mention of him went along the lines of, “It looks like we have 8 independent TD’s, including Joe Higgins.”

IMHO, the average Mick and Biddy in the Irish street are more Mé Féin than Sinn Féin.

We are fully subscribed to the “Greed is Good” mantra. What’s in it for me? Screw everyone else. If you’re a politician then, promise tax cuts, you’ll get elected because everyones greedy, then award yourself a big fat pay increase just because you’re the greediest of them all. You couldn’t make it up … not so much Celtic Tiger as Greedy Gaels.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a card carrying capitalist … but modern Ireland is ridiculous; naughties Dublin makes eighties New York or London look like a CND rally!

Blue Horeseshoe

Yea! I remember him fondly for the following Quote taken from his speech during a Dail Debate on Irish National Petroleum Corporation Limited Bill, 2000: Second Stage 21st June 2001.

He was the only one who injured the government with his defense of young couples, who could not incur house prices as mentioned in previous submissions above. He also was the only outspoken TD that bemoaned the selling of our National Petroleum Company. Bertie and his gang have a free reign now.

Joe was the only opposition. Fine Gael and Labour TDs getting up now and shouting about the state of the property scene is a laugh. If they did it earlier, they might have lost votes of the building trade; so they let Fianna Fail make a right mess. There isn’t any practical difference between any of the parties. Fianna Fail has them all in its pocket; they give out memberships of committees, and chair persons of committee to non Fianna Fail deputies; all the so called opposition feel they are getting a share in the running of the country.

Joe lost his seat because he spoke too much! He did not play to the gallery! And all the present members of the Dail and the cute whores up and down the country had a great laugh when he lost his seat. Well, People of Ireland, you voted for politicians who told you what you wanted to hear: you do not have a clue what the present incumbents of Leinster House are really capable off. Promises! What promises? They were made many moons ago when the economy was booming! Now, you electorate be ready to take very harsh medicine

60% now believe that Ahern was lying to them about the economy before the election. SUCKERS!

The irony of all this is that he lost his seat in the Dublin West constituency. Basically 3-bed, semi-D commuter-ville decided not to “rock the boat” and “stick with what they know best”. You gotta hand it to those in gubberment!

Very true. There has effectively been no opposition during the boom years because to raise your head above the parapet and point out that short term gain can mean long term pain just wasnt popular. As Blue Horseshoe points out people here are interested in who can put the most cash in their pockets in the form of tax cuts, incentives and the like. The same people are very often then most vociferous when State services do not meet their expectations. The stupidity and greed of most Irish people is unbelievable. And the political class is representative of those who elect it.

I spoke to a guy from Czech Republic recently who had taken part in Havel’s Velvet Revolution in Prague. He said that for years prior to the revolution taking place he and his contemporaries had been dreaming about such an event and had constantly imagined how life would be so much better in its aftermath. Then when it was over they all just woke up and everything was the same. Most of them had emigrated a few years afterwards as they saw no future in their country. Effectively, very little had changed by the time he left, a good few years ago now.

The biggest speculative bubble in the history of the Irish State would appear to be over (Spring selling season aside). Its results are evident all around us in the form of terrible urban planning, young families chained to 35 years debt mountains and an economy which is heading south. It would appear that it is truly the end of an era. There may turn out to be a degree of soul searching to be done along the lines of “where did it all go wrong” or some such. Does anyone think that any sort of substantial change could emerge from such a process? Is there a possibility of some sort of change of emphasis either within the culture of the populace or in public life in general where people actually take stock of where the last decade has left us and say never again. Or will we just wake up in the morning and the next one to find that everything is exactly the same?

I’ve often said, I’ll pay 95% tax if the government gives me everything I ever dreamed of. Since that’s not going to happen I’ll settle for decent services and infrastructure, since that’s not going to happen I’d like tax cuts so that I can afford to provide the services for myself.

Not too much to ask I think.


the people who will proveide those privatised services will be the very developers who got rich off the building boom. These developers are one trick ponies, who got the lions share of people’s borrowings over the past 15 years. Personally, i’d levy a windfall tax on them and use the mney to provide decent public services.

Bertie has no class, comments like that show his true colours.