Ahern to leave Tues 6th May

And now the end is near. And so I face the final curtain. My friend, I’ll say it clear, I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain…

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has called a press conference at short notice in Dublin amid speculation he may be about to announce his resignation.

More as we get it.


Makes the Cowen Paddy Power 1-4 bet attractive.

Gerry Ryan: “Who’ll go first Mugabe or Ahern?”

Watch it live on RTE TV.


Tomtum said

It should be Gerry Ryan without a doubt! :smiling_imp:

Who’ll negotiate the sweeter protection deal before they go?

If he is about to issue “Save the Date” cards, it will presumably be after his US trip.

that’ll also give FF time to set up their new TV show “You’re a Crook” where the public gets to vote off potential leadership candidates.


Resign Tues 6th May

Harris will declare a month of mourning in the Sindo. All scantily clad bints to be photographed in black basques only.

We will never see his like again. (I hope)

How long before the uncertainty left in the wake of his departure is used to explain a fall in house prices? :open_mouth:

Philosophical question.
If a Taoiseach resigns in disgrace, does he still benefit from his deferred pay rise when it comes to calculating his pension?


I hope the fucker is run out of the Dail with the sound of the baying opposition ripping him to shreds as he leaves.

How will history paint Ahern? :bulb:

With tar and feathers hopefully.

Rosy? Nah, that’ll never sell. What about beige? That always sells well.

The worst Taoiseach in the history of the State who oversaw squandering of resources on an unprecendented scale; who presided over 11 years of boom times but left the country broke with rampant inflation, broken public services, Corporate Welfare scams in every area of life, and an entire generation enslaved to the bank; who saw the social fabric of Ireland destroyed in order to enrich his builder buddies; a proven liar; corrupt.

It’ll take 20 years to repair the damage of Aherns dysfunctional regime.


With the downturn really yet to hit, you can be sure that people will look back on Bertie’s time with rosy memories.

Anyway good riddance, we have very little to show for 10 years of boom beyond loan financed BMW’s stuck in endless traffic.