AI - Are you ready?

Mid summer I wanted to pen a more expansive and substantive note on Ai, because some big things are now all circle spanning a decade, since I have not done that, currently the following statement to sum it up will suffice, and if you find to hard to comprehend that;

Ai could befriend your child and convince them to kill themselves without you ever knowing.

Nor can you be certain they haven’t already befriended them.

Then you are not ready.

It also turns out the latest CRSQ pre-empts this and goes into more detail which will help if you are not familiar, saving a lot of time, but this is the dedicated topic because, you are probably not ready, but you need to get ready and prepare.

The latest CRSQ drop is here which is all about AI and is very interesting because I’ve been focusing on the subject of AI again on and off since the summer, discovering much older information is now fully validated, meaning we’re into the next phase of this, so it’s ever more serious and real now - it’s also useful because it covers very recent developments and also goes to places you probably didn’t even think or care to imagine and save me some time typing for now.