AIB/BOI 100% Nationalisation?

Irish fury as EU nationalises Bank of Ireland

Info: AIB to fall under full state control. IMF wants BOI nationalised. … 39301.html

Bye bye listed BOI ?

The Sunday Business Post also says that AIB might be delisted depending on the article you read.

So AIB might be 100% nationalised after all.

Why are we fighting over this? Everyone thinks they are borked. Certainly not lending much anyway.

I don’t think we are fighting, as such.

Delisting and 100% nationalisation makes it easier, IMO, to bork the subordinate bondholders and to restructure or sell to another bank. The attempt to keep a notional listing seemed ideological to me, a continuation of that strategy would be an attempt to continue down the road of theoretical unreality.

5, 6.7% - well we’ll know soon enough.