AIB in court move against Sir Anthony O’Reilly over debt

AIB in court move against Sir Anthony O’Reilly over debt - Mark Paul → … -1.1801950

Its austerity Jim but not as we know it

Shurely shome mishtake …

Why have Lone Star not joined this AIB action? Sir Anthony has a lot of exposure to Lone Star. Have the Lone Star loans fully transferred from IBRC?

Sir Anthony’s stake in INM is now sub 5% according to some reports and worth peanuts.

If there is even a grain of truth in that old Indo article, why does Sir Anthony not sell his Heinz shares and pay back the debt?

What barony is Sir Anthony’s property in?

I understand that any Knight of the Realm can petition the Sovereign to place a debt in abeyance.

So why did Sir Anthony not use the cash he got from Heinz to pay back AIB and IBRC / Lone Star? :angry: Seems like another case of can pay, won’t pay.

It would be really cool if it we could go all “Game of Thrones” on his ass and make sure he has to either swordfight to the death or pay off the debt in full. He’s technically a knight, after all, being a ‘Sir’ - isn’t there some archiac rule that can be dragged out of the vault for such purposes?

“It’s payback time”…

Karma’s a bitch eh Tony?

isn’t it quite conceivable that his assets were put into family trusts long before he signed the personal guarantees - he’s not a young fella and not a stranger tax planning

IIRC his once dividend-tastic INM shares where held via a Virgin Islands Holding Co (or wherever he was resident)

My initial reading was that he was just being awkward in delaying the repayment, but is it possible that he’s bankrupt?! :open_mouth:

Quite, in between funding myriad divorce settlements and his unparalleled abitlity to serially ruin good companies since he left Heinz it is indeed possible that the great liver spot is in fact Brassic. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Is he ‘entitled’ to his own personal NAMA one naturally wonders??? Probably not given the way he viperously turned on Garret with his rags back in 1987 and condemned Enda and his now elderly cabinet lads to years on the backbenches, what!!! :nin

Dukes will hardly be writing cheques on the IBRC account either and Tony hasn’t once been seen in Waterford since the pension fund collapsed down there either. They are the ones who should get the house in Cork, not AIB who knew O Reilly was illiquid when they lent him €4m in 2009…€4m that they did not have at the time either.

There’s probably a good few people who’d pay money to shove a hose up Tony’s arse & hear him roar :angry:

I doubt that regularly hosing his hole was the ‘repugnant’ ‘duty’ that was expected of her.

You’d be a little afraid to contemplate what a nurse would consider repugnant wouldn’t you … ? : :nin

Fluid Dynamics … ??

It’s the beans isn’t it ?

All the time Tony was investing in drilling for resources offshore; he’d have been better off leaving the hose in & bottling the flatus…

Indeed, It’s quite possible that years of leverage are finally catching up with the O’Reillys. How many companies have they loaded up with debt?

Reminds me of getting a catheter removed by a nurse I’d become friendly with over a week and she was deeply apologetic about the indignity of it :smiley:

Seriously though, dont forget that in addition to the INM losses, Tony lost a massive amount of money in WG. … 81515.html

Quite possible there is not much left at his table, with regard to Slasher’s comments about family trusts. Tom Roche died in debt despite the next generation wealth because of Bula.

Tony O’Reilly sells off INM shares five years after his departure as CEO - → … -and-media

Who needs an enema when you’ve Shane Ross’ ant eater tongue up your hoop? … 12582.html