AIB opening price in the morning.

AIB opening price tomorrow.

  • <40 cent
  • 40-60 cent
  • 60-70 cent
  • 70-80 cent
  • 80-90 cent
  • 90 cent-€1
  • €1-€1.10
  • Above €1.10 (that’s for ye lads, Brendan and Austin)

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So if Bank is facing a 15.5% dilution that would apply an opening price tomorrow of 1.10, i.e. 1.27/1.155, plus the effects of lack of confidence.
The question is, if the same applies to AIB which closed at 1.12 Friday but faces having to hand over almost twice as much in shares in the same situation, although later in the year when this may be resolved, what price do pinsters think they will open at?
Answer will be decided by official opening price on Yahoo Finance.
Winner gets five jelly babies, at least one of which will be blackcurrent so there is a lot at stake.
C’mon, Johnny Skeleton, YM, Faugh, DaveIrl, Rock and the rest of you market watchers, lets see who gets in the ballpark.

I’ll go for 80-90 followed by a quick reversal back to the mid 90’s.
Best of luck all.

Closing tomorrow up “all the bad news is baked in”, “there’s never been a better time to buy”.

Not sure what the bottom will be, suspect it will be not be as low as the 30% dilution implied.

Ive gone for 90c - €1.
Like BOI, its going to be nationalisation by a thousand cuts.

Don’t forget, the government doesn’t want to take them over - but its going to have to do it eventually.
So, until that day comes, the share price will endure a slow and painful death.

so one wonders…Why not focing well do it now!

I’m almost always wrong in these things.

Open around 1.12 (i’ll say 1-1.10 so I’m not in the top category), drop dramatically early in the morning, jump back up, fall again and level out around 95c?

Who knows anymore, it’s all speculation.

90c and falls throughout the day…close mid 80s…

small holders will be very afraid now and try to sell their stock…however it may take a while getting around to ringing their brokers…

Intra day 73c low and closing in the 80’s

This is a really hard one to call. It was clear by Friday morning that the government was going to have to take that stake, yet BKIR didn’t plummet. After the 6pm announcement, pretty much nothing happened to AIB’s ADRs in New York. Maybe these shares have been priced for small government stakes for a long time.

I guessed <40 cent

70-80 for me

Slight increase for me

i think a bit of market manipulation by the gov could see the shares go up in value use a SPV or a big 4x4 to buy the shares

I thought significant government ownership was already baked in. I think they open above €1.

I’m seeing 1.08

You seem to be on the money - down 5% @ 1.073

Only 11% of us got that right.

Now for the closing level. I stand by above €1.12…


So does that mean in general we are a pretty pessimistic lot, focusing on only the bad debts and not the performing section of the bank or that the insiders think/know all the pain is baked in and the Gov will do anything to prevent full nationalisation.
Bit of both maybe. I did learn that 89% of us should think twice about day trading. :slight_smile:

89% of youse underestimate the thundering herd.