AIB to write off unsustainable debt - Irish Times

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Does that mean I’ll now be paying for other people’s mortgages through increased and extra taxes?

This isn’t a country. It’s a perverse, sick kleptocracy. In Uganda they only creamed off 4m. 40bn gets skimmed off the top in Ireland and nobody feels empowered enough to lift a finger.

being a fully paid up member of a troika party will not positively affect your chances in any way whatsoever. No way Jose. There will no bias towards FG/FF/Lab stooges.

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AIB uses pension bailout to pay ex-chiefs up to €500K - Donal O’Donovan → … 79532.html

Does anyone think the write off announcement is PR news management? how many ex-AIB people will get their debts written down?

Nuts and Mamascama - why aren’t you out campaigning against examinerships for companies? This option has been commonly used in recent years and has saved lots of companies and jobs but the banks and other creditors have lost lots of money as a result. If examinership is appropriate for companies why not individuals?

Examinership usually involves the assets being sold on to a third party.

Personally I have now major problem with AIB writing off any surplus debt once all the assets are sold (House, Car, Jewellery, etc.). I don’t even have a problem if the people remain in the house as long as they pay a market rent to the new owner.

Let people restart their lives but they restart them without any of the assets.


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  1. rents are increasing. :slight_smile:
  2. There is a shortage of Family Homes in SCD
  3. NAMA does not own any Family Homes
  4. The bottom was reached in Q4 2011

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The CSO agrees with this statement.

Do you believe there is there a surplus of Family Homes in SCD?

I am sure they own lots of them in Laois and other such places

Time will tell.

Entrench opinions retain the ability to be correct.

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your being marked tightly FKALL/Landlord 8-

I’m not a creditor for these companies.
If the Irish banks were privately owned, then I couldn’t care less about people getting debt written off.

As is stands, USC, ‘household charge’ property tax and other theft is already costing me a fortune. Now it looks like I’m going to be forced to pay more. This is money I’ve worked hard for.

Sorry. Picking examinership is completely wrong analogy for property.
Justice Kelly issued a very lengthy judgement on Zoe that examinership is not about writing down debts on property. It is primarily about saving jobs in companies that could become viable again. Your house is not your job. Writing off debt on your string of investment properties will have no impact on your job’s existence.


I was only teasing, not looking to re-open the debate.