AIB's OMG Machine!!

Am reeling! In shock!

I went into the AIB to make my quick-lodge lodgement. The machine is quite straightforward as you may know…

It came to the bit where it used to say ‘Key in the value of your deposit’


It said ‘Press 1 if you lodgement is in Irish Punt. Press 2 if your lodgement is in Euro’


This is it, Boys?

Did they update them all to remove the punt? I doubt it.

I use this machine every few days. No way was that there last week

…! Shuurley some mishtake. Must be a rational explantion.

Isn’t this the last year punts are exchangable? Pehaps it’s for the last minute deposits of money lost down the sofa?

I know!! I was like “OMG!!” (as my 9 year old would put it…)

That is a bit of an OMG - but Scrambler, really… seriously… have you ever thought of going into copy writing? That has to be the best thread title EVAH!! (as my 5 year old niece would say)

I’m so at my Aib branch tomorrow to lodge the two IR£1 coins I have from a decade ago.

God, the idea these morons could so smoothly conceal and execute such a delicate change-over brings tears of laughter to my eyes.

I actually feel like I live in Communist Iron Curtain enclosed Moscow. Big Brother is watching. A force beyond our imagination prevails…

Or did Enda Kenny really mean to say something more interesting when he agreed to address the nation on Sunday, and then the plan was temporarily shelved… So he really just bluffed and said nothing.

Am I being paranoid?

Will New Year’s Eve bring a few surprises??


You mightn’t need to bother … they could be legal tender again next week. :open_mouth:

changing the physical currency is the relatively easy part. 2 weeks with no banks open and borders closed. ButiIt will take an army of lawyers to haggle over business contracts. will make the tribunals look like the school debating club. Thats why I don’t think its a realistic prospect. The loss of output for a fragile economy would be catastrophic (UBS say up to 40% of GNP hit. thats worse than the depression in the US). Im still firmly in the possibility rather than probability camp

Scrambler, which AIB branch was that?

Anyone else seen this anywhere?

Ok this story is now on and lots of other sites. I spoke to an AIB staff member and sadly this is nothing more than good old fashioned stupidity. A lot of these machines are relatively elderly and some dip stick put in a wrong code thus re activating the “punt” it was never removed allegedly. I know this person who is a relative and they are not any kind of senior management and have no reason to be untruthful so we can put the tin foil helmets away…for the moment :open_mouth:

AIB Cornelscourt, Dublin 18

Just playing devil’s advocate, this is exactly what they’d say if they mistakenly turned on the Punt Nua option early.

Also, I doubt these machines are old enough that they contain embedded software with an intervening screen that prompts you for deposit currency, a feature that has not been used in 10 years. It’s not just “puttin in a wrong code”, it’s adding a whole new screen.

Also, did AIB even have quicklodge machines 10 years ago? I though they were new…

Pics or it didn’t happen!

Never thought I’d say that on the 'Pin!

Have to agree with you here. If it was 5 years ago I would say a typo, can the clowns not keep with the programme. But come on, with rumours abound and a “Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst” attitude prevailing in Irish politics…