Ainswick House, 6 Prospect Terrace, Marine Drive, Sandymount

€ 695K

Would this have made €500k 12 months ago?

It would have made more.

This would surely be a flooding risk, no? And then there is all the worry about how the bay might be developed…

Marine Drive was flooded by the sea in 2002.

I believe that more flood defences are planned for the area.

Development of the Poolbeg peninsula is likely in the longer term but the Bay itself is not likely to be touched.

A offer at asking price has been rejected, they are holding out for more !

In the celtic tiger days selling prices were usually 10% to 15% above the asking price.

Perhaps this seller is longing for older times :slight_smile:

Now Sale Agreed.

I treuly hope the asking price was not exceeded.

There were two bidders but they went with the cash buyer
His initial offer was asking don’t know how much more he paid than that but seems to be happy with the price he paid

Know someone who bid for the property but pulled out at 740,000. It definitely went for more than that.

Looks like it’s for sale again - can’t see earlier pics, but does it look like it’s been flipped?

Sounds like it may have been refurbed considering it’s gone from BER E2 to BER D1

Just for reference:
Sold June 2013 €775,000
Asking 2016 (after probable refurb) €1,050,000

If they did refurb then this was a markedly bad flip compared to other houses that could have been had for half-nothing in 2013 that would now be worth double.

this is much better house, on the strand, D1 as well and hasn’t sold in ages… … -4/3090589

(275k - expenses (?)) profit for a 2.5+ year project…is it just me or does that seem a bit low for the effort? … -1.1318785

So it was definitely refurbished since last sold in 2013. They’d be lucky to make a cent if they did a top-to-bottom refurb, €275k does not go very far in a 1900sqft period house.
So the question is: is it good value now, or was it exceedingly bad value in 2013? 8DD

Possibly a little overpriced in 2013 and “well” priced now.
It’s move in ready, 5 min walk to Sandymount village, nicely laid out, we’ll finished and we’ll presented.

I find it odd they didn’t put in an ensuite or 2nd bathroom.

Was Marine drive not completely flooded before? I don’t know about this specific house

Yes, Marine Drive was flooded in 2002 by the sea. They put sandbags up a couple of times a year now when the tide is high and the wind from the east. Just round the corner from a gorgeous 2nd hand clothes shop though.

Featured in IT today: … -1.2538007

Confirms it was renovated by the people who bought it in 2013. Wish they said how much the reno cost but they’re definitely making very little profit, if any.