AirBnB planning permission Dublin?


€60 less taxes (assuming higher rate) is about €28, less the costs of linen, extra heating, higher insurance, wear and tear, any bit of food or drink he might have to make available, plus the hassle of keeping the place clean, maintaining the online listing, being nice to people etc. He’ll probably be netting less than a tenner once the tax starts being collected properly and a monetary value is put on abstract things like privacy, stress etc. Put it this way-if you came home to find a stranger sitting in your living room would you pay a tenner to get rid of them?


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It’s just a more sophisticated version of the Spanish student staying with a family.
Their idea was new, but the practice wasn’t.


Could the friend offset the rent he is paying to his landlord against the rental income he gets from airbnb ?
Thereby pushing out the point at which he becomes liable for tax.

If he’s paying €2,000 per month for a 2 bed, that’s €12,000 per room per annum.
If he earns less than €12,000 with Airbnb, does he pay no tax at all ?


There’s bound to be constitutional challenges to this, or at least widespread ignoring of it

Landlords face new Airbnb ban from next June
-Landlords facing a new Airbnb ban from next summer
-Landlords will effectively be banned from renting properties on a short-term basis in Dublin and other areas of high housing demand
-Housing Minister called on to bring rules into place before June 2019 … 56385.html


It’s all smoke and mirrors, they are showing that they are doing something but it’s not actually going to work.

They sold house off the open market to companies who want a return + growth so they push up rents.
The brought out rent pressure zones and distorted the market so LL’s get out and switch to Air B&B

There is one simple solution to this stop talking start building.


Why? What’s the constitutional issue?


I’m sure there’s a plenty of people out there who believe that they can do what they like (within safety/nuisance boundaries) with a property asset they own/bought and cannot be dictated to on the T’s & C’s by the Government of the day


Ever heard of planning permission?
Yo can’t start a Bed and Breakfast/beauty parlour/solicitors practice in a house without it


Do you need planning permission to be a landlord?


If you want to run a glorified youth hostel with you certainly do,

If you run an actual Bed and Breakfast you do

If you ran one of those “StayCity” short term place with reception desk you would


I think you’ll find that there is a right (not sure if it’s constitutional or not) to the “enjoyment of your home” - so for the vast percentage of home owners who are not letting their homes on airbnb that right will supercede that of your airbnb letting neighbour to have people coming and going at all hours from the house next door.

The reason for putting this in legislation is to give people who live next to an airbnb a mechanism to a) make sure the length of time they are subject to the nuisance is reduced and b) allow them to complain about nuisance without having to take a civil case.

I think you’re right that someone will take a constitutional case - but it doesn’t have any chance of succeeding.

To be honest I think the legislation is sensible and clear. I would have preferred 50 days or less rather than 90. I hope Murphy has the guts to push this through. I would have preferred to see an end to builder handouts and a punitive tax on land hoarding before this but at least it is a step down the road and was easy to do as it it is pretty much of copy of legislation existing in other countries. I have a very poor view of Murphy so I’m pretty sure this wasn’t his idea and I’m sure the AirGombeen TDs will be round his office this evening barking at the door.

Airbnb cannot complain as it does not prevent the business model that they are supposedly supporting - part time sharing of unused space in peoples houses at low cost in a spirit of trust. House swaps existed long before Airbnb - the only difference is that now a big rapacious tech company takes a big slice of money out of the people who provide it and who use it, and then seem to be able to choose whether they pay any tax on the profits.


Planning permission is not rectroactive.


In the context of this recent proposal can you please explain the meaning and applicability of what you have mentioned above?


There is an argument that somebody who is currently carrying out Airbnb would not be subject to this new planning requirement e.g. pre-63 developments don’t require planning permission - because they were developed before the introduction of planning law.


AFAIK section 63 was an explicit carve out for “political” reasons (Fianna Fail shtyle)


Pre 63 is pre 1963, first planning law in Ireland. No planning required before that so no requirement for’, planning’


Sorry, meant pre-63 but I never realized there was no Planning system before then!!


Back in the good old days you used to apply directly to the minister


The definition of “short term letting” in the proposed legislation seems to be 2 weeks.

Does anyone think this will lead to landlords advertising their properties on AirBnB with a 2 week minimum stay?

I realise that the vast majority of short-term lettings are under 2 weeks, and AirBnB lettings for over 2 weeks are a small minority, but does anyone think that is what a minority of landloards will do? or is it just not worth it as your target market would be very small?