AirBnB planning permission Dublin?


It’s ok batman will clear up* any confusion

Simon Coveney to give councils ‘clarity’ after Airbnb ruling … -1.2836660

*clear up in this instance probably means confuse even further with some ill thought out scheme.


Blanket Airbnb ban placed on Dublin apartment complex … -1.2836859


Wow, they didn’t waste any time.


Translation: ‘Nice FDI we have here. Would be a pity if something happened to it…’


Of course, if an apartment complex in Dublin city centre was to apply for, and be granted, PP for Airbnb, then the values would shoot up.


That letter was sent out last week.
My understanding is that a management company can ban airbnb (it has nothing to do with the recent judgement).


They can. This case might give them incentive to enforce it, though; they don’t want planning trouble.


They can only if the leasehold covenant allows them to set house rules AND the rule is reasonable. Who knows what a court might think of it as a rule. Probably not an issue in modern apartment blocks but some older estates’ covenants don’t actually bind the members to house rules.


And what happens in a development where the majority of owners are BTL landlords.

Least we forget CC developments are predominately owned by LLs. Managing agents are easily replaced especially if they do not act in the interests of the majority of owners.


good question.

I guess the courts might reasonably ask: did the minority of owner occupiers originally sign up to live in a peaceful environment or a quasi hotel (minus the security staff)? should they be expected to put up with Jonsie and his mates coming back after their stag party?

And that’s where the Planning Permission originally granted would be relevant

#92 … -1.2836859

This is a surprising result :slight_smile: I wonder will they be the managing agent in 24 months?


presumably they are acting according to the wishes of the elected Mgmt Co directors!


LLs like most shareholders rarely take an active interest in the running of the management company unless of course something goes wrong.


I think we can agree on that! (particularly in tax driven developments i.e. shite)

BTW Do short term letting facilities pay rates?


It’s not even remotely surprising. The owners in Spencer Dock are paying enough service charge for concierge and security. It’s a premium product not a stay city place.


I don’t know? But if they are treated as commercial you do get 100% tax relief on interest payments and the rates. Some landlords would be better off paying commercial rates.


I would be amazed if the majority of the 623 owners paying the service charge are not in fact landlords. Having a concierge facility in the block was probably quiet a bonus to those doing Airbnb :slight_smile:


150 units units are doing Airbnb - how many more are plain vanilla rentals.


150 units in Spencers Dock are Airbnbs? That’s shocking. I never saw the appeal of living on Sheriff Street myself, or owning a BTL there for that matter apart from when prices were half nothing, and was very curious to see someone pay top whack recently (€400k+) for a bog standard two bed there at an Allsop auction.

I was thinking that the people who recently bought all the €1m+ penthouses in there with the private swimming pools, etc. will be raging as I’d imagine a few of those would have been intended for short let purposes. Guessing they can still do monthly corporate lets, just not nightly ones…

If there is such a big cohort in there doing Airbnb/nightly lets then I agree with you that there will be uproar and that it may be overturned. In other developments where there it is less prevalent, I imagine owner management co’s / managing agents will have little trouble banning it if that’s what they want.


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