AirBnB planning permission Dublin?


You can refine the inside airbnb filters.
Using entire home, high availability you have 1451 listing.
Use multiple listing with this and there are 837 properties in Dublin.
Last year about 2500 homes were built in Dublin so these represent about one third or so of the entire 2015 output


Or, to put it another way, about 0.16% of the entire Dublin housing stock.


Not 0.16% of the housing stock in places near to city centre where people want to live. An Airbnb on the border with County Meath won’t do a roaring trade.
I do think that Revenue should be trawling these letting in the same way as they claim they trawl paypal for people running commercial businesses.
I’m convinced that it isn’t worth you while if you are paying tax on your commercial activity.


Total stock is not relevant; instead, what % is it of the turnover of rental stock in an average year? That’s the important number.


She is paying her way. Unlike twatcunts like Twink and fuckers like this … 61461.html, she has not taken the easy way out. She accepts the consequences of her poor decision rather than blaming Banks exclusively.

I admire her initiative and hard work. Others want to punish her hard work.




who wants to punish her hard work? her neighbours?

“My home feels like a hostel because of drunken wankers buzzing the wrong apartment at 4am!”

“Yeah, but Twink!”

Property rights and enforcement of contracts should apply to all


I liked the article.

She is realistic about how (equally) foolish her and the banks both were.

She has not walked away from the debt (unlike tens of thousands in similar situations).

She is working hard to make the sums work and paying a lot of tax.


Where you get the figure of 150 from?


This answers a lot of my questions.

All my airbnb properties are listed on this.
Yet I only have 1 that is ‘live’, as all the others are corporate/normal rentals now.

Am I correct in thinking that the number of airbnbs in Dublin includes any property that ever was listed there, even though they may not be so now ?


Are there companies that specialise in maintaining airbnb rentals? Eg, advertising, arranging cleaning, managing tenants etc.
Would hiring one of these have a better return than a self managed long term rental?


Yes, many.
I’d think even managing the keys/having a central location for same would help reduce hassle enormously


Where do you put the lock box? How do you change a communal door/gate to facilitate your electronic lock

Great in rural or suburban areas


Even if you use the filters ?
Entire home,
highly available (should exclude the rent out the place when on holidays),
activity -recent and frequently booked (should exclude inactive listings )


I’ve seen more new supply kick in this week than any week for the past 5 years !
Not much mind you, but definitely more.

Coincidence ?


This and the likes of it is the sort of appropriate response to the AirBNB crisis we should be seeing: … 0-new-jobs


and here is more supply expected. … 83569.html
hopefully excess supply will lead to cheaper hotel rooms in places convenient to the centre of Dublin.


A big increase is supply for sale today on the MyHome searches I still have running.


That’ll be those budget measures stimulating supply as promised :smiley:


Ireland’s Airbnb: 650,000 guests and €27m income for hosts

I’d hazard a guess and say a hotel that has to have 650,000 guests in order to generate a revenue of €27m wouldn’t be in business too long.