Airbus A380 to end production in 2018?

A380 production could halt in 2018 stifling Gulf carriers expansion - → … nsion.html

Makes sense, no point having your companies resources tied up in something that is just breaking even, especially when your competitor is shipping product and the Chinese are entering the market.

Boeing Looks Set To Beat Airbus In Orders And Deliveries In 2014 - → … s-in-2014/

China’s First Modern Airliner Is Finally Here - → … ers-2015-1

Looks a bit like a Douglas DC9.

The whole plane building game is rigged in favour of the gang you only have to simply note how the Japanese have never become major players and yet China are now entering the game.

That’s because Boeing outsources some manufacturing to Japanese companies or they make planes under licence (Mitsubishi make Japanese versions of the F16) and they have had a strong lobby from the US government.

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Airbus have since rolled back on the comments. Seems the CFO was talking about what might happen along the lines of scenarios that had be considered, rather than any particular plan. There’s also the option of an engine update and some aerodynamic tweaks to create a “neo” (new engine option) version down the road, but that’s some time off yet, as well as the stretched -900 version (current orders are for the -800) of the current generation.

C2, well spotted, it is in fact a DC-9 ‘knock off’ built from original jigs and plans sold to the company with “local” bits nailed on.

The Chinese are making strides in the aerospace sector, both civilian and military.

Blue Horseshoe

Anyone know who’s making the engines for the Chinese planes? Russia maybe? I recall a talking head 2-3 years ago remarking that it was strange that while China could put rockets into space etc. they were still at the drawing board on aircraft engines.

In light of Boeing’s decision not to replace the 747, (just try to drag it out until a decision is made about a replacement for the Air Force Ones, which is being brought forward to 2016), and go instead for the 777X and 787, which Airbus are challenging with the A350, it’s looking more and more like Airbus is out on a limb with the A380, which is a great, but pug ugly craft, and only good for a limited number of markets. Smaller aircraft plying between “secondary” cities, e.g. Munich - Bangalore seems to be where the growth is coming from.

Anticipated A380 sales 1,200, actual sales 318, no airline, only Dublin based leasing co orders in 2014, compared with A350 orders of 790 and Boeing 787 orders of 1050, and zero 747 orders in 2014.