Aisling (type A - Three Bedroom), Shanaway Road, Ennis,

Unfortunately I do not have the original price :unamused: But this must be a huge price drop.
Now at 160k. IIRC they were originally 250k+.
This was an ill fated development from the getgo.
Supposedly exclusive part of town -but the houses are not exclusive. In fact they are down right ugly.
Timing was wrong obviously. The investors who bought are now having trouble trying to let out these units -at the inflated rates required to cover their bubble price mortgaes. And are out of line with going rental rates.
If it wasn’t for the horrible 70’s architecture I’d nearly consider one myself at that price. Of course there is the possibility that you might get non-exclusive residents there at that price. the locals won’t be happy :nin
If the €160k asking price is correct, this looks like a fire sale to me. Any cunning researchers out there able to find the original price on the inter web?

I believe this is the same house, either type A and J which are both 3 beds. were 270k price drop ~110k

there was also an attempt by costelloes to get a boom type queue of purchasers when the first phase was released. No pre booking and only a small number released.

Dont have the link but it was a blatant attempt to boost demand.

It’s a bit Partridge family alright! What were they thinking! :question: