Alan Ahearne - Bailout *Format* was a Mistake … -deal.html

So what now? And more worryingly why havent FG & Labour been doing anything differently to the way FF & The Greens did?
Seems to me something stinks.

Yep…thanks for that Alan.

As a former special advisor to the Department of Finance, is he saying that the Bailout Format was a Mistake…or is he saying The Bailout Format was a Mistake, and For That I Am Deeply Sorry.

What can they do exactly? Go back in time?

As i said on the other thread - great at the aul aftertiming isn’t he. Doctor in stating the obvious.

Where is your imagination? Where is your sense of justice? What about all the taxes you`ll pay?

How about arrests & jail time, I want to know who was involved and how deep and far the net spans.
And what can they do now? They can work on separating the debt. And that is just a start!

Do you not want those things?

Alan Ahearne is Captain Hindsight from South Park!

Did he say this with a straight face?..Looks like he among others is backing away from the baby with the dirty diaper, which turns out to be a plastic doll loaded with semtex left by a Joker.

The bank deal is done. The current government cant change that.

By all means arrest who you can (and for the record, yes I agree there should have been arrests and it is a black mark that there hasnt been, but my understanding is that this is an issue for the police and not for the government; do you think the government should be interfering in police work?)…but arrests wont reduce my tax bill.

They can work on ‘seperating the debt’…please do let me know what you mean by this.

Yea default on the nasty bits… Simples 8DD

The Mary Lou MacDonald line…

…the nasty bits, that are not already repaid…amount to what exactly at this point?

Yea but if we begin the new republic… :slight_smile:

time to hit the reset and default on the lot; the head the tail the whole damn thing. The Irish debt bubble is beginning to remind me more and more like JAWS. A bit of bickering on the boat as the Troika move in for the kill

Let the chips fall where they may . NATO is unlikely to start carpet bombing the place and theres no gold to steal. They might install a technocratic gov with the Slug in charge but considering how spineless Enda is, and how lethargic the Great unwashed are, theres probably no need. :-GC

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