Albany House, Shanganagh Road, Ballybrack (-3.5m, -87.5%)

In 2006, was hoping to secure €4m (house + 0.84 acres)

Was asking €13m (house + 2.11 acres) in 2007 … 05545.html

Now 650k (house + 0.84 acres)

How does someone let a house like this get into such disrepair ?

Banks stop financing you.

Now 500k (house + 0.84 acres)

Dead cat bounce my lillywhite irish ass.

Interesting - I would love to have the skills to take that on.

Now 400k. (-3.6m, -90%)

How low can it go?

Site value - 150k.


Above is a reasonable comparable, I’d say c. 300k for ballybrack site assuming it was for 1 house

Properties, areas and site lay out are chalk and cheese - no way should that make 300. Those with the cash for that type of rebuild would prefer to buy in Killiney proper.

If you view it on Google Map it appears to have a Tennis Court and a good bit of land but all with one entrance ? Has that land now been divided ? … blin&gl=ie

The Ballybrack house is a listed building but the Dundrum house was only exterior walls protected … that’s quite a difference. It’s not just a site price, you have to deal with the listed building, you can’t just demolish it.

Then it is below site value!

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear but that was my point. It’s much, much more expensive and troublesome to have to deal with that run down house that is listed than it would be with a vacant site.

A few quid to a couple of antos would sort out that problem.

not true. there are no degrees of “listed”-ness anymore (there used to be three). A protected structure is a structure in its entirety - including the curtilage.

a structure can be removed from the Record of Protected Structures upon application to the minister (via the Council). It can only be demolished in exceptional circumstances otherwise.

Dublin City Council has a designation “Exterior of building protected only”

See the record of protected structure here:,%202011-2017.pdf

Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown which would cover Dundrum and Killiney probably have this also.

Here’s the one for DLR. Some good info there.

and yes, albany house is on the list. As a result, i’m out. Life is too short to be dealing with those numpties.

What is really interesting about that list is that this is not on it: … th/1552958

It appears 37 and 38 Belgrave Sq West are off the list - but many similar properties are on.#,3143,en.pdf

According to the selling agent of the Dundrum house it is protected but not listed :

The property is Zoned Residential “Objective A” under the Dun
Laoghaire Rathdown Development Plan 2010-2016. Sydenham
House is not on the Register of Protected Structures. However, the
entrance gates, driveway and some of the residence are in an
Architectural Conservation Area.

An extract from Chapter 11 of the Development Plan states “The designation of
an Architectural Conservation Area has the effect of de-exempting
works to the exterior of any structure where they would, in the opinion
of the Planning Authority, materially affect the character of the
area, and therefore the works would require planning permission.
Repair or refurbishment works which do not materially affect the
external character will not require planning permission. The
Architectural Conservation Area designation does not prevent internal
changes or rearrangements provided that these changes do not
impact on the exterior appearance of the structure”.

He’s half right. The structure is not protected. There is no such thing as listed anymore. An ACA gives protection to those features / structures within the ACA and that level of protection is not far off being on the rps. It’s something that adds an extra degree of work time and money to a project. But studies (Celtic tiger albeit) showed that beiNg on on the rps added 15% to value!