Aldborough Court

These apartments are close to Connolly station and IFSC and look very good and the price is also very good so where’s the catch? Is it that the area is so bad?

IF the boom had continued for another 5 years, i’m sure it probably would have been regenerated eventually. For now - not to make sweeping generalisations - it’s not great. Go and view after dark some evening and make your own call - I went to see them and wouldn’t touch to live in. Also as a rental I’d guess you’d get students and social housing tenants given the location. Interested to hear other people’s views though!

"1 Bedroom approx. 613sq.ft on the ground floor apartment for €99,000.

2 Bedroom apartment approx. 740 sq,ft on the fourth floor for €160,000

2 Bedroom duplex apartment approx. 1300sq.ft on fourth and fifth floors for €185,000"

The 2 bedroom is a daft price compared to the 1 bed and the 2 bed duplex.

The area is as rough as rough, living around there in the late 90’s but never had any hassle.