Alice in Wonderland

One of our brightest and our best, Maire Geoghegan-Quinn EU commissioner addressing a collection of personages in Galway.

To fulfill my duty (reading the pin qualifies us as partakers in public life), I would like to announce that the recession is over, house prices are rising, the celtic tiger is roaring and that everybody can stop being so miserable.

I think that she comes from the same mould as Bertie.

I too would like to fall through the rabbit hole. I will now start taking my state pension. I realise it is a little early at 41 (or am I 42?), but it gives me more time to optimistically spend it for the good of the economy, a German car, a Spanish holiday home and a hide-away in Brussels that I can claim tax-free on the commission.

I think her Greek is showing!

Can someone remind me again how much she’s raking in on the public dime?