All Ministerial pensions cut by 50% retroactively

In Greece, not here. Former Prime Ministers have had their pensions cut by 54.7% and retired MPs are down to less than €2,000 a month with more reductions due in a couple of months. Yet here we are told that this would be impossible. The fact that it can be done in Greece, and that Michael Noonan is quite happy to drive a coach and four through legal contracts and property rights when it comes to dissolving the IBRC, makes it clear that we could do it here too if the will was there. Or if someone (general public or the Troika) really put a gun to their heads. I don’t think it would be cynical to say that this prospect was at least partly responsible for FG/Lab choosing to postpone the Promissory Note debts rather than actually trying to dispute their validity in any meaningful way. … 013_482752

Ya bastard. My hopes were sky high for a millisecond

All power comes through the barrel of a gun or the funnel of cash which ever is cheapest. Morals about debt repayment or contract law are for plebs, those in power know there are no morals other than those imposed on the plebs.

Any party that brought this in would get my vote for a long time. It would send out a good signal to everyone else with a shrinking pay packet

Agree 100% such a party would be very likely to get my vote.

and also when it comes to getting his fat grubby hands on people’s private pension funds.

Same here.

Ill get my prediction that it will happen here in now so we can hopefully bump this thread in 4-5 years time.

Did Greece or the IMF cut the pensions?

Someone email Noonan enquiring why he’s unwilling to do the same. Maybe he has not thought of the idea! … /main1.htm

They can bring emergency legislation in to close the bank, but can’t do anything about their own high income. Greece have fought back, but we irish just mumble complaints and let them do what the hell they like, so until we stand up for ourselves they will continue to trample all over us