All Tuckered Out

Looks like Geoffrey has been given gate from HOK (todays Indo)

Ken said they were dumping “non fee generating staff”

Nothing about the amount of shite he generated though…


Hooke and McDonald, not HOK

Sheer tedium has caused terminal abbreviatitus of the frontal lobe

That will be all of them then? :angry:

Top Economist ??? … 32754.html

I suppose he is better than Marian Finnegan in fairness.

Realsim in Hooke & MacDonald :question:

I’d say Ken can’t get him out the door fast enough :angry:

I think that is a mis-type in the newspaper,
what they meant to say is that his employers have given him EUR 35K to take two years out, and when confidence returns to the market, he will be brought back in to his former role :nin

Ken believes the market has plenty of confidence, it just can’t remember which drawer it put it in.

Seems a bit harsh making someone redundant and then plastering it all over the papers. Did Hooke and McDonald have a press release stating that Tucker was being let go? Or where did the indo get it from? And does Tucker not have any right to privacy regarding this?

I would not be surprised if the announcement was faxed to the Indo. Sure now, he’s got a bit of time on his hands he can always drop in to the 'pin for a chat. At the rate sales are drying up at the moment, I may even have more free time next year to do the same. :frowning:

Wasn’t it claimed that Ken threatening to pull advertising money was behind the Sunday Tribune’s decision to sack journalist Richard Delevan last year?

Could it be Geoff became too inconvenient to have about the place because of his bearish pronouncements above (torking down the morkesh), or am I reading too much into it?

I think we should be told.

Geoff is a hell of a nice guy (obviously we don’t see eye to eye on many economic issues!) and like him or not he is another victim of the crunch and my feelings go out to him.

Article from March 2007 talking up the rental market.

Isn’t high rent just brilliant?

It was written in a complementary way, stating he is one of ‘Ireland’s top economist’. I think the journo was helping him out a bit actually i.e. this guy is available for work.

Just to jog memories on Ken MacDonald’s paean in the Sunday Independent in early 2007: *"Why do we allow scaremongers and doomsayers with unfounded pessimism and unbridled negativity dictate our thinking and blunt consumer confidence? The Irish economy is the envy of the world. Job creation is phenomenal with more than 7,000 new jobs being created each month - despite the gloomy attention given to periodic job losses in some sectors.

Unemployment stands at 4.1%, the lowest in Europe; there are 750,000 more people in the workplace than a decade ago. We have revitalised cities and towns, a conveyor belt of entrepreneurial business people operating successfully on a world stage, a rich cultural and artistic heritage, a vibrant talented young population, rising by almost 100,000 per year, confident in their own and their country’s destiny. We should be celebrating our success on a daily basis. In any event, the Irish love affair with property will continue undaunted despite the knockers. "*

Geoff is one of the better EA economists in the country that’s for sure, and no matter what he is quoted in the papers as saying he has always had an insightful awareness of what’s goign on in coversation. I’m sure he will be fine.

Ah, c’mon Michael, that’s just not fair.

Quoting him in context and everything!


The funniest part was the *“conveyor belt of entrepreneurial business people operating successfully on a world stage,” * - - I would bet that from hotels in Washington DC, New York and Chicago, to a financial centre in South Korea, most Irish “entrepreneurial” activity was in commercial property.

After 15 years of the Casino Economy, we are more dependent on the US than we were before it began.

Please Ken, wherever you are, please, please, please come out in public and repeat yourself now 8)