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Saturday - 29/08/2009

Irish Examiner:
FF attacks Kenny over plan for NAMA

Irish independent:
Where the parties stand on saving the banks
Rothschild replaces Merrill as State’s adviser on sector crisis
Government will drown in rising tide of NAMA anger

Irish Times:
Opposition parties keep up attacks on Nama Bill
Government may now pay current market value upfront for Nama loans
Selling Nama to sceptical public requires political will
Public mood against Nama could threaten Coalition
Government must not fall until crucial measures implemented
Who stands where on Nama?


Sunday - 30/08/2009

Sunday Business Post
State prepared to take majority stakes in banks
Misinformation clouds the Nama debate
EU is neutral on whether Irish banks are nationalised
Tough medicine
46 economists say no to Nama: are they wrong?
Getting down to business
Nama opposition builds
Carroll lawyer warns on constitutional issues

Sunday Independent
Mac backs Nama, ‘the only show in town…’
Getting it wrong on Nama risks second Lisbon defeat
Eggheads prick Nama bubble

Sunday Times
Focus: Lenihan’s €90 billion gamble
Matt Cooper: Costly Nama gamble looks like our best bet

Sunday Tribune
Nama rejection could bring in the IMF, warns FitzGerald
Why Nama is ‘the least worst option’ for getting Ireland out of this mess
So the toxic bank gets dumped – what then?
Focus On Ireland INC - International bond market is oblivious to Ireland’s political bunfight, and just as well
Lost In Space: Whither The Property Market?
Going bust could be Ireland’s ‘best’ option
Developers fear planning laws will scupper Nama
Nama exempt from tax on property disposals
Cards On The Table: How seven leading commentators view NAMA
It’s a bad bank, but is it good for you?
Vested interests: 38 politicians voting on Nama have extensive property portfolios


Monday - 31/08/2009

Irish independent:
Builders flocked to bad-bank meetings
Lenihan prepares to tackle NAMA critics with new safeguards
Fitzgerald urges bad-bank support on IMF concern
Bank shares fall on reports of delayed bad-bank payments
Lenihan’s NAMA subject to whims of Fianna Fail

Irish Times:
Fine Gael dismisses FitzGerald criticism of Nama stance
Department gets 40 submissions on Nama


Tuesday - 01/09/2009

Irish Examiner:
FT highlights plight of ‘dire land’
Dáil committee teases out strategy nuances
Debate sees two rival gangs consolidating in urban decay
Fine Gael keen to distance party from FitzGerald remarks
Lenihan reveals bank assessor
Agency will have power to get ‘pound of flesh’
ECB: Do not pay too much on NAMA
Key banks hit by pre-NAMA volatility
Let’s put the horse before the cart and nationalise the broken banks

Irish independent:
Don’t pay over the odds for toxic loans, ECB warns
Property guru Mulcahy failed to forecast commercial crash
Lenihan rejects leading economists’ calculations
Labour says a czar is born with ‘bad bank’ plan
Greens fail to attend key NAMA meeting
We’ll just pay farm prices for land, says NAMA expert
‘No nationalisation of banks’ despite writedown on loans
Topsy-turvy day for bank shares
Long term view needed on NAMA
Critics strangely muted as Joan goes on solo run
Like it or not, NAMA is the only credible plan we have

Irish Times:
ECB urges caution on prices paid to banks for toxic assets
Minister all but rules out nationalisation of two banks AIB, BoI ‘survivable entities’ - Lenihan
Taxpayers face risk over bank ‘bailout’
The success of Nama is not based on any assumption of a return to the recent ‘bubble’ prices for property
ECB concerned method of valuing loans may benefit banks
Cavalier plans for Nama agency are a potential disaster, Bruton warns
Value of commercial properties used as collateral down by 50%
Lenihan proves coy on make-or-break detail
A startling glimpse into huge task that awaits Nama
Fears over Nama sparks volatility in banking sector
Model for Nama property valuations not the norm
Sending in the clowns to oversee Nama


Wednesday - 02/09/2009

Irish Examiner:
Shatter: Greens should be cut out of NAMA debate

Irish independent:
Green TDs and senators stay silent on committee no-show
Lenihan says ECB behind NAMA despite alert on costs
NAMA pricing warning hits banks
NAMA money pit could be our economic Stalingrad

Irish Times:
Nama adviser gave positive property forecast in 2007
Social housing ‘could help Nama’
Shatter criticises Green absence from committee’s Nama discussion
Nama will distort market and is economic nonsense
Garret has got it wrong: Nama must be opposed


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Just keeping the seat warm until “Kate P” starts keeping note of all media-related NAMA stuff again and putting them in her categories - see the first post in this thread.

I may revisit the above and add the Pin links as well - but I really can’t be arsed at the moment.


Sorry WGU, Professori - Hillarious



Labour’s NAMA analysis “Protecting the Taxpayer”


bluffers guide to nama by DCU lecturer Tony Foley


Gloom, despondencY & doom. But hark ! Seismographic readings indicate
that NAMA is going ‘Weapons Hot’ next Monday 29. Let’s wait and see what happens.


Hmm, first day of the school holidays… cunning.

edit: I expect a load of stuff to happen over the next two weeks as the nation’s main interviewers take the most liberal public service holidays (permanent teachers) possible… not a slur on teachers, a slur on the nation’s over-paid radio presenters…


Will they be nuking the site from orbit?


it’s the only way to be sure :slight_smile:

#68 … 75453.html

If only.


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Are they using the money we gave them?


I asked at the time if this could happen, and I remember Vincent Browne almost jokingly asking George Lee if this could happen.


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