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Tom Parlon, of Construction Industry Federation re NAMA on the News at 1 today - for developers and builders, NAMA “is the only way forward” but they have concerns about the legislation and are in consultation with their builder and developer members.

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Hubert Fitzpatrick of Homebuilder’s Association saying that rights of individuals are being affected because they have no choice whether their loans go into NAMA.

Also mention of No to Nama campaign on facebook discussed on this site.

This is also in the Builders’ Interests section of this thread.


Alternatives - will keep them all in this post

Fine Gael’s alternative to NAMA

Dr Constantin Gurgdiev (Former Editor of Business and Finance magazine and lecturer in finance and economics at TCD) also has a proposal for an alternative. … eight.html

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NAMA - the international dimension - will keep references in this post … 64668.html

Of the estimated 90bn worth of properties to be taken over by NAMA, 3bn are in the US and 25bn in the UK.

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Indo Editorial piece today, August 20. … 64596.html

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Green reaction to NAMA and what that may mean… … 9,real,209

News at One August 13
Green Councillors give opinion on NAMA
If the Green Party doesn’t support NAMA, it won’t go through Dáil - Stephen Collins of Irish Times

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Morgan Kelly

Professor of Economics at UCD.

  1. July 3 … 65637.html re the cost to the taxpayer of NAMA - 10% more tax for the next ten years.


Karl Whelan
Professor of Economics at UCD

NAMA to purchase derivatives - and has tendered for a Derivatives Value Service Provider. … /#comments

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  1. Lenihan not anticipating further nationalisations
    posted on on 230809 … lisations/


Fine Gael say No to NAMA

Enda Kenny announces that his party is not going to support NAMA when it comes before the house next month. 210809

Extracts from the speech are here … Speech.pdf

and their proposal for a National Recovery Bank is here … -05-09.pdf

He discusses this on The News at One (210809) and is unable to offer a ballpark figure re the
costing. … 0,real,209

And he does the same on Newstalk (210809)

Then the Indo printed this on Saturday 220809 … 66887.html

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Richard Bruton discusses this and other issues on The News at One on Sunday 230800 … 7,null,209 16 mins in or so

Greens Say No to FG No to NAMA … 40164.html

Dan Boyle describes their plan as dishonest


Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan

  1. His statement following publication of NAMA legislation 300709 … king74.htm

  1. He responds to FG’s proposal for a bad bank - This Week, 230809 and defends the g overnment’s proposal. … 7,null,209

Brian Lenihan says he needs something more substantial and realistic from FG about the real issues.He says that their argument – that “we should default on those who have loans and advanced moneys to the banks is a very dangerous one” – it was tried in US with Lehmans and led to a financial tsunami and would lead to a financial tsunami here, he says.

The Swedish experience is also mentioned – because they nationalised their banks before their NAMA. Lenihan says they guaranteed them first…

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summarised here in the Examiner 240809 … 99355.html


“Analysis” (Indo’s word, not mine) by Brendan O’Connor in the Sunday Independent – 230809

“We could get angry over this mess…or get real” … 67231.html

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For example


Brian Cowen on NAMA

He defends it here 220809 … 80717.html

The remainder of the article deals with the response of other parties to NAMA
The Examiner takes a similar line here … 99262.html

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including comments like this from Bungaloid


Opinion and Editorial Responses
220809 … 99230.html



NAMA and Derivatives

NAMA to purchase derivatives - and has tendered for a Derivatives Value Service Provider. … /#comments

I’d be interested in knowing how large the purchase of derivatives will be, what types of derivatives they are, what the rationale for their purchase is, and what exactly will be the nature of the “adjustments” incorporated.

Karl Whelan

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Irish Times on the subject next day 210809 … 21778.html


NAMA and Lisbon … 67708.html

and in the Irish Times … 40164.html

Dan Boyle describes the FG proposal as “dishonest”


ESRI says NAMA must not endanger taxpayer 240809 … 38195.html

Professor John McHale (UCG School of Economics) at the Merriman Summer School warned against politicising NAMA


Sunday Tribune - 23/08/2209

Calculators at dawn for economists Alan Aherne and Brian Lucey: … t-abating/

Dan Boyle making noise on NAMA makes Fianna Fail fearful: … rish-busi/

Government seeks to not have NAMA controversy scupper Lisbon vote: … -in-octob/

Residential mortgages could cause banks problem post-NAMA: … fter-nama/

Banks benefit from mortgage aid and residential loans could end up in NAMA: … hit-banks/


**Sunday Business Post - 23/08/2209 **

NAMA needs to get it’s pricing right: … qqqx=1.asp

All you ever wanted to know about NAMA but were afraid to ask: … qqqx=1.asp

The Greens and NAMA - political or democratic shenanigans: … qqqx=1.asp

Fine Gael are being unpatriotic by opposing NAMA: … qqqx=1.asp