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Labour’s NAMA analysis “Protecting the Taxpayer”


bluffers guide to nama by DCU lecturer Tony Foley


Gloom, despondencY & doom. But hark ! Seismographic readings indicate
that NAMA is going ‘Weapons Hot’ next Monday 29. Let’s wait and see what happens.


Hmm, first day of the school holidays… cunning.

edit: I expect a load of stuff to happen over the next two weeks as the nation’s main interviewers take the most liberal public service holidays (permanent teachers) possible… not a slur on teachers, a slur on the nation’s over-paid radio presenters…


Will they be nuking the site from orbit?


it’s the only way to be sure :slight_smile:

#68 … 75453.html

If only.


From Dr Constantin’s blog


Are they using the money we gave them?


I asked at the time if this could happen, and I remember Vincent Browne almost jokingly asking George Lee if this could happen.


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