Allsop Auction - 1 March

Knock your socks off folks. The way things are going on the reserves I could buy a holiday home in every parish.

I’d be calling the bottom if there wasn’t 100 distressed properties for every one on the list.

I’ve always said that when I could buy a semi decent house or apartment within an hours drive of Dublin or Cork with my credit card we would be close to the bottom. Getting there

Still, cheap prices but not too many salubrious areas in this list. So, very often cheap for a reason.

This is the first time I think I will pop down on my lunch hour. One or two there I’d have a crack at.

Here’s my guesses on the lenders based on half-assed googling
Lot 1 - Zoe group - BoSI
Lot 2 ?
Lot 3 ?
Lot 4 Zoe group - BoSI
Lot 5 Manor Park Homes - BoSI
Lot 6 ?
Lot 7 ?
Lot 8 Zoe group - BoSI
Lot 9 ?
Lot 10?
Lot 11?
Lot 12?
Lot 13 An amusement arcade :smiley:
Lot 14 Grealy Homes ?
Lot 15?
Lot 16 ?
Lot 17?
Lot 18?
Lot 19?
Lot 20 Zoe group - BoSI

Lot 55- €7,500
Here at €40k with more photos and as sale agreed ? … im/608798/

Sandhouse Hotel for 650k
:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

It’s Donegal. Should we be excited or is it reflective of rah protection money?

Its a nice hotel on a fairly nice beach… Popular with surfers. But obviously surfers dont spend money there :confused:

That’s as may be…but you could measure the reserve in surf buses…and I know a fair few VW vans that are a percentage of that…and not that small a percentage.

Hey ho.

Ahh Jesus, LOT 50 - 18 Meadow Court.
Has this been in every Allsop auction ?

Originally €185k, then €135k, now €90k.

Don’t forget folks, if it sells for anything above €90k, it officially sold ‘Above Reserve’ and thus is seen as a success !

What the story with meadow court? When built and what were they selling for? Theres always a few of them at auction.

Catleforbes is the gift from Liam Carroll that keeps on giving:

1 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €135,000
8 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €175,000
20 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €135,000
27 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €135,000
44 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €185,000
59 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €135,000
74 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €175,000
86 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €80,000
93 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €135,000
100 Investment Flat Dublin 1 €185,000

I was quite puzzled at what I thought to be the very high prices paid at the last auction for similar apartments.

They are being trickled onto the market.

The following is an interesting one: … 71&S=C&O=A

Office Suite 122
The Capel Building
Mary’s Abbey
Dublin 7

Approximately 1,356 sq ft

This would have cost around one million when bought in 2005.

Does anyone know why these are not selling? Title issues?

Lot of investment flats in this list, counted only 36 houses approx.

Would want the management fees tied down if buying a flat, personally wouldn’t touch flats with a barge pole.

Still there is value there, just not my kind of property

Yes, I agree, there’s better value in other similar lots. The problem is that, at this point, the Castleforbes apartments have caught the eye of the ‘average’ Irish person, of which there are hoards -just go to a viewing, and you’ll see what I mean.

lot 2, 2 bed flat on South quays at €120,000 looks great value considering no mention of parking with the auction one though

that is a different block in the auction to the one you mention above, the property above (and the ripoff price) was discussed on another thread. I’ll have a look for it, The block is to the left (34 ushers quay) to the big P Elliot block, the small thin group, 5 storeys high is all up for sale along with an office space.
The floor space quoted is that of a three bedroom, but I wonder what noise would be like and there is no mention of parking.
All the apartments at castleforbes and 34 ushers quay do not quote parking, for me thats a huge put off.
I’d be keen if they offered parking

Just in case someone ever says the Rent supplement doesn’t distort the market… … 10&S=L&O=A

Lot 10. Reserve 19K. Currently renting for 800 a month. A - potential - yield of 50%.

Either that or it’s full of hookers.

any thoughts on lot 67
The Watermill
Co. Carlow

listed and no photos of interior suggests back hole money pit … 67&S=G&O=D