Allsop July 4th Auction details now available

This must be the first time that they have made it available on time

updated link and date as both changed after I posted this

I presume The Excise Building Mayor Street Lower Custom House Quay will be closer to €1m rather than the €650k quoted

looks like the rent isn’t 120k but rather 90k … due to “informal abatement”! Still … the 650k is obviously low ball.

Original link not working for me. I’m using this:

Also, it’s quoting July 4th rather than 6th(?)

Usual rubbish…

The deggs of our bubble … 34553.html


what were they thinking - f all development potential

What about this:

"Two brothers, David and John Boles, are selling a period house on the seafront in Blackrock, Co Dublin which has a €250,000 guide price. David explained they bought the house, 8 Seafort Parade in Blackrock, in 1971 for IRE£3,900 (€4,953).

"We went to an auction to buy a different property but when I saw this one failed to sell under the hammer I took a closer look at it and felt it offered very good value.

“It had been in four bedsits so we converted it into two self-contained apartments and let it out. It retains many of its period features and we kept the staircase between the two in storage if anyone wishes to restore it into a family home,” he added.

“Unfortunately we didn’t sell it during the boom but we decided to opt for the auction now because we felt that this is the best way to get a good price for a property in a desirable location.”"

Lots of low-balls on this one.

Here’s another …

€24k rent (incl VAT) with an asking of €95k.

Can imagine all the newspaper headlines the following day ‘successful Allsop auction secures X% over asking … market recovering !’

Would it kill them to list the actual name/address of each property on that table, rather than making you click through for each and very one? XX

with upwards of 85% of the lots expected to sell, I wouldn’t classify it in the rubbish category. Nice little earner for the auctioneers & noone’s holding a gun to the buyers’ heads so clearly they see value. Also, some of them represent a decent investment return. Usual successful formula, I’d say…

Auction suspended due to strong protests. Check #irishauction if you’re on Twitter. Bidders leaving the room due to level of abuse. @BuyersBrokerLtd (Carol Tallon) says protests are ‘racist and nasty’. Anybody there? In what way are they racist? Does she mean ‘anti-English’?


Interesting. Almost impossible to find a conventional family home amoung all the investment vehicle dross that was in that auction and the protestors chose to disrupt that auction.
All the decent family homes are selling through an estate agent by private treaty and as we know practically nothing has been repo’d thus far.

Very good point.

Auction now cancelled.

Ben Gilroy is onsite

In terms of stupidity these gowls are up there with the Occupy muppets who sympathised with the Killiney Two. In fact, I would sgugest crossover in membership is practically guaranteed.

had to be…more publicity for a lost cause

Following on from a “Justice for BOD” facebook page getting over 100,000 “likes”

This country gets more fucking stupid by the day

Ho well, it was full of shite anyway.