Allsop Space February 25 2014 auction details

listings for February 25 auction are online

I expect big Demand for the D1 penthouse appartment.

view topic re D1 penthouse apartment.

According to today’s Irish Times (Wednesday commercial property section) it is the largest Alsop auction in Ireland so far. Seems to be about 50/50 commercial vs residential properties I think.

Looks like there is issues with this apt, see here:

There’s a lot of cack in the residential section, are 3 bed family homes in decent areas completely immune from Allsops auctions ?

It wouldn’t be in Allsop if it weren’t cack. There’s no problem selling decent family homes in Dublin (or Cork) at the moment.


St. Cronans, Wyvern Street, Bray, Co. Wicklow … WZ,7WAPL,1
Extending to Approximately 445 sq. m (4,790 sq. ft)


Not as a residential property, it’s got no land around it. Multi-discipline clinic / professional offices? Certainly.

I’d bet it’s listed and being situated right across from the planning office, there wouldn’t be much opportunity of ducking under the regs governing renovating such buildings…

More photos … 3536#img=6

Cant see it going for 50€/sq ft
should make at least 100 €/sq ft

How did they get a yellow brick ramp built in front of it then. It is a monstrosity. But then again experience has shown that councils can build whatever they like irrespective of how incongruous it is with teh existing built environment and I’m not just refering to the bunkers on the quays.

Here’s one

Many investment grade stuff

The cheapest

to the dearest

this one is slightly weird

In fairness to Sam Stephenson, his original design was much more integrated into the surrounding cityscape than the version that was built.

Seriously bubblicious rents.

€90,000 for 2,185 sq/ft to Centra.
€30,000 for 829 sq/ft to a beauty salon.


Wonder if there are any rental arrears ?

Should go above €2m assuming rent is realistic at €175,000 pa.
8.75% yield is highly respectable.

Infomercial on Pat Kenny this morning

Robert Hoben from about 41.00

Looks like a receiver was appointed to about 17 properties, the good ones have been sold and the dross is thrown up on allsops.

Back when I lived in Dublin (1980’s), auctions were a relatively common and accepted feature of the market particularly at the upper end. Seems much less so now. Is it just that Allsop distress auctions and the like have given auctions a bad rap, or is there something else going on that I should know about?

" A descrete Presence by Gardai"
Allsops will no longer sell where proof of a legal issue exists Tom Darcy just featured on the news

Just saw that, all the ‘protesters’ were missing were pitchforks and flaming torches, why are Allsop putting up with this lot - do they see it as a PR win in some way? Have they forgotten what Constant Markievicz gave his/her life for in that park over there? :sick: