Almost 14,000 in Ireland have Adverse reactions to shots

Almost 14,000 in Ireland have Adverse reactions to shots.

According to data up to August 3rd, the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) received 13,529 reports of suspected side-effects related to the Covid-19 vaccine out of the over 3 million doses which had been administered in the State up to that point.

13529 / 3,000,000

1 in 221

Don’t forget the very low rate of reporting (1% to 10%).


And no breakdown of actual severity. So if we assume the same initial mortality rate v total report as with VAERS that would be at least minimum 350 to 400 deaths so far. Which would probably be in addition to 300 to 500 who died at the start of the year in care homes

So say minimum 700 to 800 deaths due to the vaccine. Over 200 deaths under 60, the rest over 60. If I am not mistaken that means more people under 60 have so far died from the vaccine than from SARs CoV 2 pneumonia. And far more of you take into account the under reporting factor with these systems.

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The HPRA reports give some info, but not as much as MHRA. Or vaers/ eudra but they are harder to navigate.

Pages 14 & 15 do give numbers though.

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Vaccine safety updates (information on suspected side effects reported to the HPRA)

As of 11 January, a total of 18,108 reports of suspected side effects were notified to the HPRA.
The number of COVID-19 vaccines administered as of that date was reported as 7,665,274.
This includes 237,449 administered as a single dose, 3,702,423 as a first dose and 3,612,110
as a second dose. Additionally, 2,371,158 booster doses and 104,292 third doses (for those
with a weakened immune system) have been administered.

Page 13 - Reports of deaths following COVID-19 vaccination
 A total of 101 reports have been received describing an individual who was known to have been
vaccinated and subsequently passed away. Of these, 89 were reported with an mRNA vaccine,
eight with adenoviral vector vaccines and the remaining four were reported with brand
unknown/not specified. The majority of reports (approximately 75%) with a fatal outcome
describe an individual aged 75 years and over, with the median age of the individuals being 81
years. Of those, 53 deaths occurred in males and 47 in females, with the sex not provided in one
report. For a number of reports, the cause of death was unconfirmed at the time of reporting,
with post mortem results awaited.

Page 17 -A breakdown of suspected side effects described in the 269 reports notified to the HPRA concerning
children (aged 5 to 11 years) and adolescents (aged 12 to 17 years) and children following
vaccination with an mRNA vaccine

Cardiac (heart) related e.g. palpitations/racing heart - 31