"Alta Vista", 2 Knapton Road, Monkstown (-2.9m, -72.5%)

Previously 4m

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Now 3.695m

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[Edited drop]

Now 2.9m, this drop was discussed in the Times in June.

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now 1.8m


that’s -2.2m = 55% reduction

€385 /sqft

‘Hasta la vista, baby’


only another €185 per square foot to go

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/409141

So that’s now a 60% reduction. One of the biggest yet seen. How much further will this fall?

Not much further, it would seem.

Sale agreed. Anyone got the skinny?

Whilst viewing a property in the same locale in March this year, I was told by SF that they’d been offered €1m for it!
I expressed the view that the vendor should grab it - lady from SF was not impressed!!

Er, what the hell’s up with photo 11 on the Daft listing??

I am also a little non-plussed as to who would want to live in this house. It is so enormous and sprawling that it’s hard to know who’d fit in there.

A house can never be too big just as you can never have too much money. If you don’t use the rooms, close them and don’t heat them or clean them. Some of the distribution is kind of funny though. And i don’t like a house in 3 floors. Still, i’d take it if I have the money :wink:

Photo 11 appears to be the architects impression of the planning permission for a kitchen extension … why a house that large needs an extension it’s hard to say !!

It looks like they have two kitchen in two different floors in order to be able to cook in the rooms next to the dining room when they’re using it? My mum has three kitchens in one of her houses (not two, three!) and it is so annoying! You spend half your life running from one to the other looking for some utensil/food that has been traveling around!

Oh, the humanity. :wink:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It was sold for €1.1 million

Er, source?

Alta Vista, 2 Knapton Road, Monkstown, Co. Dublin
Second-Hand Dwelling house /Apartment
on 2 Nov 2011

El reg. Someone is doing a very nice renovation of this at the minute. Not sure I would have blocked access to the rear but nice job so far.

That’s a 73% drop in value. Is that a record does anyone know?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … pertyAlert

Different proposition, same area.