"Alto Vetro" at Grand Canal Dock - occupied yet?

Is this new “no curtains” glassy tower at Grand Canal Dock occupied / sold yet? Should be easy enough to count how many apartments are occupied :slight_smile:

Any sign of any flippers in action?

Back in 2004 they were listed at starting at 450k
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 532065.asp

Some discussion/photod on the building at this architecture forum: archiseek.com/content/showthread.php?t=6056

** Alto Vetro, grand canal docks, dublin**

You’d better hope you get attractive neighbours.

Could this turn out to be a white elephant (glass elephant?) of the property bubble?

I can see them having trouble shifting these and having to relax the “no curtains” / “identical interior design” rules.

And only a (rich) exhibitionist would want to live in the 1st or 2nd floor apartments.

Oh cool… a thread on my favoruite buidling of the boom. I din’t realise we had one, so many threads. I was going to start one up, good good.

I use to skip around the little house as a child with my mother going to and fro from our house in what is now the foot print of this lovely building.

As for the rules, thats a pity but no unusual. They will eventually be relaxed I’ve seen this scenario play out before in Temple Bar. Wastes everyones time though.

Im thinking of putting my apt to rent on the market for €1,000,000 a month. Hey, I wont get any takers, but at least I’ll be able to tell all my mates that Im living in an apt where the owners are looking for €1m a month rent !

No, not a soul lives in them yet. Just walk past it someday and you see the evidence :slight_smile:

I saw some naked Spencer Tunick photographs from Alto Vostro in yesterday’s IT…

There were 3 naked bodies on each balcony. Looked ridiculous.

Maybe ol’ Spence was commenting on the Irish property market. The emperor has no clothes and all that… :question:

Do the renters have to be naked too?

Pffft. My apartment is on the morket for €10,000,000, and it’s only costing me €3,000 every month it lies idle.

How canny am I ??

Penthouse seems to have come to Daft today.
€8000 p/m

There are also 2 beds for between 2K and 3K

I think this one will join the likes of the Lafayette apartment that started at €5000 many many months ago and still hasn’t shifted despite dropping to ‘a mere’ €3500


Jesus those photos are a disgrace.

The second one looks fake and the third one is just hilarious.

8 grand a month to look out over a few cranes eh?

Dont forget you get to look down on someones roof as well and watch the pidgeons. :unamused:

Note the “Parking is available closeby” bit. I think this is what made them unsaleable as much as the price they were looking for.

No parking space might work in London, Paris or NY, but not here in Dublin where everyone including DCC are convinced its not possible to survive without a car.

Maybe Treasury are offering parking around the corner at “The Warehouse” on Barrow Street (has been empty since they moved their HQ to Connaught House), but I still think its a deal breaker if they’re looking for rents this high.

On the other hand, I’m sure Trinity students would be happy enough without cars, a la The Alliance in the Gasworks :slight_smile:

Some more photos of Alto Vetro up here if anyone hasn’t seen it.

I hope they weren’t squatters :smiley:

Another office block is springing up beside GCD station. I use Barrow st and surrounding streets alot for parking, i have a vested interest in seeing these new blocks been unoccupied :smiley:

Hope they’ve made contingency plans in case the water in the dock area beside Alto Vetro rises?
It’s at a dangerous level now.

Holy Crap!!!
I didn’t even notice that.
Under the list of “features” parking is included, but you’re right, if you look in the body of the description you get “Parking is available closeby”.

Sweet divine!!! That’s astonishing.
Having many times enjoyed the comfort of being able to get between Apartment and Car in one minute, without having to go outside, I wouldn’t even consider somewhere that didn’t have onsite (preferably under ground, secure parking).

I’m shocked.

Whatever about somewhere like the Lafayette where I wouldn’t expect to have parking, a modern apartment block with NO parking is a joke.

Terms like “close by” in EA speak are very worrying.


The banner advertising apartments to let has been removed. I guess they managed to let all the apartments. No signs of life yet.

One interesting thing:

If you look here, the value of the tower is €10 million

But if you look here it’s supposed be a €21 million tower.

Based on the rents they’re asking looks like they need it to be worth €21 million. The rents suggest they’re valuing the 2 penhouses at about 2 million each, and the 2 bed apartments at about 500K each. Then there’s the retail units on the ground floor.

I think the €10 million estimate might be closer to reality.