Am I paying his mortgage or is he subsidising myaccomodation

Told the landlord in the past if he didn’t pay the bin rates we’ed walk. Will be doing the exact same if water charges come in. {Mod edit: glee} They never realized that FF move the goalposts on an ongoing basis.
In fairness our landlord is sound. I still won’t be paying any rates though or property tax.
I wonder how Country Tom’s “Buying is cheaper than renting” argument going.

I suspect in certain areas, with the right seller and the right buyers, and the wrong landlord, and a strong
tail wind, downhill, and if enough planets line up correctly then there are now opportunities to buy for less
than it costs to rent, but they are few and far between, and you’d need to get the place for a good bit less than the
asking prices.

Rents have really really come down a lot. This time of year is when I start looking at renewing my lease.
There are substantially less 2 beds available to rent in D4 than this time last year (320 down to about 260).
But the cost of renting what’s there has fallen dramatically, far more dramatically than the fall in the previous


While the market is with you FB2 why don’t you get him to pay your ESB bill and your TV License as well? Presumably he’ll only be delighted to raise your rent when it swings the other way. Maybe this is just an Irish thing, you can only get a good deal if the guy on the other side is getting a bad deal. Also, since he can offset this against his tax liability on rental income, you’ll no doubt be thankful that the taxpayer is paying 41% of your bin charges.

The only benefit as I see it to bin rates and water charges etc. is in incentivising people to change wasteful behaviours. To disincentivise your approach, I’d advocate putting the charge directly on the occupant whose behaviour is being targeted. You can negotiate a direct rent reduction with your landlord to recoup if the market allows.