America Under Invasion - Millions of Migrant Invaders US Border Crossing

Or maybe not. Thanks, but no thanks

Anyone else fancy a quick pivot into the bus business

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The not so Great ‘Melting pot’

" The city has responded by beefing up police presence, as hundreds continue to gather outside the former school, which is now owned by the city — as neighbors claim they fear having unvetted migrants in their midst.

“The secession part is definitely boiling as someone who was around 30 years ago and watched it and supported it then,” said Staten Island Borough President Vite Fossella. “People just felt no one was listening, and they were better off on their own.”

“Nobody wants a migrant shelter in the middle of a neighborhood near a school,” Fossella said. “It’s not just Republicans, it’s also Democrats. If we can’t say no to this, maybe we should go off on our own.”

Melting Pot Daily News: Melting Pot Melt Down!

Everyone should look into the origins of the term “melting pot”, another one of those magical phrases.

‘This issue will destroy New York City’

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Yes, and the fact that he’s a black Democrat makes it all the more interesting.


Who wouldn’t want to become the next Somalia when the opportunity presents itself?

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See it’s normal. It’s not just Ireland. The new-normals need a help everywhere they go.

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Chicago, Chicago one hell of a town
Chicago, Chicago, let me show you around

Residents are now begging local politicians to “close the borders of Chicago” to stop illegals coming from Texas

96% of this neighborhood voted for Biden

Deplorable lol

Old Joe’s migrant train.

Vamos a la playa!