American Presidential Election 2012

Ron Paul Wins Iowa GOP Debate; Is Right On Iran → … 854956.DTL

Rick Santorum Should Be Ashamed of Himself → … elf-video/

So far the interest is on the GOP side.

Texas Governor Upends GOP Race → … 75348.html

Mox news downed the Iowa Presidential Debate Survey before it was completed as it gave Ron Paul 47% of the entire vote and the Complete Victor!, which the powers that be, did not want. They don’t want less wars as it would downgrade the Military Industrial Complex which is keeping the show on the Road. They want constant interference in global affairs, while America at home is falling apart, worse than Ireland ever was or will be. A good film to watch is Michael Moors new film ‘A love affair with Capitalism’.

rule no 1 of politics - don’t eat one of these with a camera around … sq-content

Wow! what a huge tongue! :open_mouth:

I`m not doubting this but just how can it be quantified? I mean the unemployment rate is lower for one example
I know there are arguments that they hide their figures but we do the same

Our presidential debate has no relevance, its holds no weight. The presidency here is a waste of money, so is our senate.
Theirs seem to hold more importance - whether they work any better than ours is debatable too!

Rick Perry had a bit of a pray last week. Quite an assorted bunch turned up. … ayer_b.php

Too be honest, quite an assorted & scary bunch often commenting on “science blogs” too!

Regardless of my low opinion of Palin, when I read some of the truly disturbing and revolting comments on her there, that ended my reading of scienceblogs.

I thought I read somewhere they were moving a lot of the evangelical atheist nutters & their fans off scienceblogs to bring the focus back on actual science.

Evangelical atheists, give me a break. They’re as scary as people who think God sent Hitler to kill Jews to make way for Israel and others who sit around creaming themselves for the rapture?

That has got to be one of the fastest invocation of Godwins Law I’ve ever seen!

How is it a Godwin? Muppet Hagee one of the sponsors said something along the lines of god sending hitler as means to creating israel thus ushering int the rapture etc
There’s a big difference between anonymous people dropping by on a blog and making ugly comments about moronic god bots and people with the ugliest craziest opinions going who get to hide behind religion supporting a potential presidential runner (who has already tried the auld praying for rain, and this event was basically an admission he couldn’t do his job).

Back to the polls, Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll with Ron Paul coming in second. Does anyone have any stats/trends on past straw polls and how reflective they are of future voting? … 17957.html

The straw poll is more an indication of the staying power of potential candidates at the rump end of the poll, they will consider their exit. What’s interesting from the results is that Mitt Romney has nowhere to go, Rick Perry is going to take his vote.

The focus at is on capturing and marginalising the Tea party vote within the GOP. This is why they have so many candidates in the running compared with last time. Gingrich, Bachmanns and Santorums role is to keep Paul from capturing significant Tea party votes, this clears the way for the mainstream candidate to take the rest of the field. Since Romney has little appeal with the tea party, they bought in Perry to take the votes of the died in the wool republican vote and play for the tea party.

AFAICS Pawlenty is toast but Romney is still in the top tier- only realistic possibilities with Perry and Bachmann. Romney didn’t spend time/money/effort hereso it doesn’t mean much.

Pat Robertson and a few others you’ve never heard of have won in the past so its relevance is moot

Capitalism - A Love Story…

Pawlenty has withdrawn- watch the GOP establishment get behind Romney

Obama has been a big dissapointment in my book.

But, truly, you would have to be mad to vote for the Republicans. They get crazier by the day.

Wouldn’t Perry and Bachmann split the tea party/evangelical vote?
Doesn’t Iowa get a lot of corn subsisides; I wonder if anyone brought that up as something that would get cut.

It takes a fucking comedian to point out what the MSM and the republican leadership are doing.

That’s a stunning piece from the Daily Show.

Stewart is class.

Its blatant shit like this from the media that could turn you into Jim Corr!

Unbelievable. Frightening too.

“Half the population are below average inteligence”.

I bet thats posted all over the offices of Fox news.