🇺🇸 Americans Vs The Menace

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The School Board is a typical example of how a bunch of “progressive” Dem types even in a very Rep area take over the public school system. Most of the board members are either teachers, activists, or failed Dem party candidates for local office. I’d guess maybe 20% are not hard core Dem progressive types. In a very Rep small town of 30K. Saying that, Wyoming is weird. Lots of seriously dysfunctional people from Colorado end up there because its much cheaper to live there.

OK organising etc but 5 March is some way off.

“Well let me first start by saying I know there’s been some suggestion, not by reporters necessarily at all, but, that this congestion is related to the vaccine requirements. It’s not… but the protests going on across Canada which have spread to a bridge, are leading to sporadic congestion and blockages.

“I would, just going back to my point I was trying to make, is that across what we’ve seen, with these requirements, is across a range of industries, vaccination requirements have been implemented with no disruptions, have helped increase vaccinations, these requirements help protect more people from COVID, and there has been zero indication across these industries that they would lead to disruptions, including on this policy.”

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I’m surprised that no one hasn’t already made this connection.

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Ah yea, loads of Convoy memes and vids out there.

Do her words matter?

Best 10 minutes today!

Tricia Lindsay gives a very powerful speech to the public about how the US government and governments around the world are violating human rights by imposing mandates and discriminate against the unvaccinated.

Probably the most powerful speech of this year already!

What would Roderic do? :sweat_smile:

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“Good Vs Evil”

Yet, Freedom has amassed it’s forces at the US/CAN border!

Coutts, Alberta - Sweetgrass, Montana border ! :heart::canada::us:

Video: https://twitter.com/kathyhunt43/status/1492019067200233473

Tucker: Justin Trudeau is attacking human rights



One Voice

Personal freedom puts someone else in jeopardy, their health in jeopardy, I don’t consider that freedom." -@POTUS

Src: https://twitter.com/CAPAction/status/1492959867233001483

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I use to be woke, but now I’m awake

American convoy Cincinnati!!!


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