An aside about Estate Agents

This from today’s Irish Times re 188. Bushy Park, Terenure. … 34856.html

Then, naturally, you go looking for more photos and details on the internet. It’s not on Myhome or Daft, and the page on Sherry’s site is “Awaiting Image.”

And this is quite common in my experience. The seller goes to the expense of advertising a property, and the EA has not got their act together to be ready for the inevitable behaviour of readers.

on myhome now. As someone mentioned before, it is bizarre that they don’t link from the IT articles to the myhome ad.

of course, you could always consider buying this one which is at least as big but asking 80K less.

An American real estate agent would be all over the news article. Irish real estate agents completely baffle me, it’s as if they actually don’t WANT to sell houses. Some examples that I’ve come across personally:

-EA in D4 that not only doesn’t return emails (perhaps understandable in these days of spam) but rarely answers the phone and doesn’t return phone messages at all
-EA in SCD that has had 3 apartments with “amazing sea views” all of which he photographed at night so that the views were completely invisible

I raise my hat to the few good EAs that I’ve met because I truly don’t understand the others at all.

Them bronze handles mentioned in the article must make up the 80k difference.

I think that just about all the estate agents that I know are working hard. I do get furious when one of them blatently lies to me or in advertising, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the same agent works hard and has shown lots of initiative.

The more dealings I have with them, the more I realise how much they actually do. The O Donnellan Joyce group of auctioneers have, in particular, shown the greatest initiative and are on to a winning formula with their auctions and are on a par with Allsops in that regard.

They are, understandably, an unpopular breed on the Pin, having presided over -and stoked- a massive property bubble that caused huge social problems in this country. However, I get the sense that most of the estate agents I know are humbler than they used to be and have learnt a few lessons since the bubble years.

650,000 clams and one weird picture of the back of the house

Well sure no point in having any photos of those possible selling points… :angry:

If these people were selling my house I’d be rightly fucked off.