an interesting page

have a look at Irelands current account balance for the year 2006 according to the CIA.

notice also how we’re ranked 150th kinda making a mockery of that whole 2nd , 3rd, 4th or whatever richest in the world lark :slight_smile:

while we all know the CIA have some data “innaccuracies” it is intersting to note that the Irish Government uses the likes of the CIA reports in relation to Immigration cases and justifying their decisions in the high court so they do have some basis.

happy crimbo ya’ll

Any chance of a link to the page youre talking about?

CIA Worldfactbook … os/ei.html

lollers my bad, thanks green bear

Like Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Andorra, Monaco and other minor principalities, we do well in the per capital stakes, while being minnows in absolute terms…