An open letter to Ben Bernanke

I think this is genuine. Apparently it was reported on CNBC. I picked it up over on

Some dude called Andy Beal has spent tens of thousands of dollars taking out a full page advert in the Wall Street Journal to write an open letter to Ben Bernanke.

But perhaps most interesting of all is who this character actually is

From wikipedia

Either he can’t spell or this is a hoax

This is the last thing that Wall Street wanted to hear. Some poker player that can’t spell shouting from the Journal that the king has no clothes :laughing:

I’d imagine the above is someone typing out what was in the ad. I’m sure he can afford a spell checker. … nanke.aspx

Yup, this isn’t a hoax, I was reading the WSJ while over on in the States spending lots of cheap yankee dollars. 8DD