And I still haven't found what I'm looking for...

Hi everybody,

I’m curious as to how long you’ve all been looking for a house in which to live.

We spend an hour each evening on daft, myhome and propertypin. Most weeks we view at least one or two houses. We’ve been doing this intensively for at least three years and on and off before that.

How long have you been looking, and how much effort do you put in?

Do you not live in a house now ?

hi croq.
realistically only last 9 months or so. but looked at our first ever viewing in 2007!!!
unless dream place comes on the market i cant see us taking any plunge in 2013. certainly not with current standings.

things would need to change drastically in a short space of time for me to see it as a good move to get off this fence. (e.g. significant debt write down on nations owings…which cannot possibly happen in the next 9 months in my view coz of german general election happening next sept. debt write off for ireland means losing votes for whoever’s in charge in germany.)

croquette …sounds like it has developed into an addiction…would love to buy but prices still look high

Actually thought of buying a house in 06, went to one viewing and thought WTF. Have subsequently emigrated and have no plans to return in the short to medium term.

Was looking on and off for about 3 or 4 years, this would have been from 04 to 8 The prices were crazy I did finally find the house at the rightish price (probably subsequently dropped but we are very happy ) There were so many houses at insane prices it wasnt funny

I’ve been looking for years. However, I’m finally unofficially sale agreed (waiting to receive contracts) and have at least a 90% chance of closing within a few weeks! No mortgage. A relatively small personal loan. Will be overpaying for the house (about 10% more than it is worth, in my view), but it’s the house we’ve most wanted for years, hence the premium paid for it.

Thats great news Doubleg hope all goes well, sounds like you are in a good place financially to handle any hiccup in the future. Good luck in the new home

been tyre kicking forever, over 10 years :open_mouth:

I did come close to buying in a few occasions over the years, so glad I didn’t. I think I will finally take the plunge in late 2013, 2014 at the latest. Then I’m always saying that. Will have to go for it relatively soon before kids get settled in school etc

We’ve been thinking of trading up for about 7 years. Prices just felt too high until some very selective stuff in late 09. Bid on stuff in each of the last three years and were outbid or seller unwilling to accept, most active this year, we’re now hopefully sale agreed ( not sure vendor will/can go through with it). I feel we are overpaying but then I’ve always felt that when I’ve bought and probably always will

Nothing worse now than viewing houses now, I hope I never have to view another one again although we have been very selective the last 2 years ie house has to tick our boxes including realistic seller, would not waste time looking if vendor is living in cloud cuckoo

As with above well overpay because house is fairly unique and ticks a lot of boxes for us, small loan on it and would hope to be mortgage free within 5 years

If our sale goes through illntry to wean myself off the pin shortly afterwards

Used to trawl the sites everyday. Just dont bother anymore. renting a house now for cheap enough so no pressure, can wait for the bottom

4 months looking around. Found two which we went sale agree but then the whole thing fell a part twice. Wishing a better 2013 but will not rush this time. The longer it takes us the more cash we will have saved as a deposit.

2013 is set to be an interesting year so cant wait now for it.

I’ve often been puzzled by the notion that Pinsters must be in the market for a property. Sometimes when a Pinster says they’ve bought, others wish them goodbye!

I would have thought that most come here out of general interest in the machinations of the property market and its effect on society and the economy, rather than as a means to inform an intention to buy.

I bought my house years before I came to the Pin.

Well, not looking for one to live - but for investment purposes. However, I went back to check my previous posts and surprised to find that it’s almost 2 years now since I started looking!
I’ve found that the target property has always been that little bit out of reach (i.e. some of the first properties I looked at I could now afford to reach what they actually sold for).
More interestingly, whilst feeling that I had missed out when not getting earlier target properties, I’ve found that over the 2 years, opportunities have gotten ever better (in terms of the type of property that would make the most sense for me) and the type of property I am now looking for differs from what I started out looking at!

I must admit checking daft, myhome, daftdrop and the pin has gotten more than a little obsessive during that time.

Not me. I was loosely aware of the pin prior to becoming interested in dipping my toes back in the property market. I would have had a mooch in here the odd time - but it was only when buying became a real purpose that I started to check in here more regularly. That now entails dropping in here on a daily basis - the same with daft and myhome.

2012 has been the year in which I’ve decided never to buy in Dublin. Seeing prices level out in the areas I was interested in was sickening.

Why sickening? Wouldn’t leveling be a positive trend? Or were you hoping for increases?

Anyway, thanks to everyone who replied.

Have been renting since 2010 after selling our place and have been looking very casually since (i.e. only online). Only in the last 6 months I have actually started going to viewings. I would consider buying in 2013, but only if it met almost all of the conditions on our checklist (the most important of which is affordability).

Renting for another year or two doesn’t bother me in the least. To tell the truth if I could have a long term lease on my current rented house (i.e. 5-10 years) I’d prob happily opt for that instead.