Anecdotal market conditions from the wollies
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When your response to a dose of reality is the above, you’re in trouble. Is this going to be the new tactic of country tom? Transmitting positive brain waves to influence the market?

I may write a paper on this: "Dropping your price, or thinking positive, which is more effective when selling a house?"

Serious posters over there 8)

Jesus, I’m just browsing around that forum. Scary stuff. I think I’ll show my girlfriend the threads there. Getting married seems to be the way to go if you want to fall out with your best friend/bridemaid/sister-in-law, gain plenty of weight and get utterly stressed out. And then you realise (or fail to) that your new husband is actually an abusive manipulator. But better that than single!

So much for the female of the species being the more docile. They are vicious over there.
None of us, in the main male, bears ever went that far. Who moderates over there? Cruella de Ville?

Here is another perspective from a prospective seller

I don’t spend any time over there. I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that by and large, the internet doesn’t broaden people’s horizons, it allows them to find people who match their own prejudices. God nor man wouldn’t get me into WeddingsOnLine because the whole weddings thing in Ireland looks horribly like a game of oneupmanship that just refuses to go away.

That being said, I moderate another board (I stopped moderating here due to a lack of time) and to be perfectly blunt about it, some of the shit I get from the male posters beggars belief. I’m pretty certain that while many women can be vicious enough online, it is at best comparable to how vicious men can be. Some of the arrogance and abuse I have gotten is out of place in a civilised society. I mean, it’s only the internet, after all.

In any case, “I would kill the auctioneer” is endemic of society here - ie there has to be someone you can blame for your predicament. I don’t believe there is any such thing as a dream house in Ireland and certainly not one built in the past 5 years because they are all the same. I am also coming to the conclusion that when people get that wrapped up in something and that excessive about something, then they perhaps need a little more in their lives to get some perspective.

They just need a good root up the hole as we Galwegians would say 8)

Nothing more elegant or considerate than that .

I feckin hate Irish weddings , they are all the bloody same despite the expenditure . More fake tans, more designer gear …and yet so samey samey .

Spending to stand still in effect …not spending to good effect. If i see another bloody chamber quartet I’ll … :frowning:

I heard some scary figures recently:

Wedding: Well over 40K

Bride and Bridesmaids wardrobe: 10K

Oh, and apparnetly now you have to have an act as well as a DJ and band (like fireeaters or whatever)

For a couple earning the average wage.

I was also told confidantly that interest rates were coming down. I just stared into my beer and went to my happy place.

We got married last year for less than 3k.

Registry, close family only plus two friends, fantastic meal for 15 in a great restaurant, no band, no dj, no bullshit, father-in-law is a photographer anyway, a few pints in the town, where there was live and lively music. Great craic. And a week in the Tatry mountains.

All agreed it was a brilliant family occasion. And the best day of my life.

Just as married as any of them 8)