Anecdotal reports of increase of Somalians to Ireland

I saw 6 Somalians at a bus stop in Cabra two weeks ago. There is a HUGE influx.

Seeing more around South Dub suburbs too. Stopped by one yesterday asking for directions to a particular road. Before going on his way he asked “is it a good area.”

Same here on my walk home each day in D4.

It will be everywhere. Everywhere on the island. That is the plan. The plan has been running for years. That is what open borders means. That is what it means to live in undefended place. This is what it means to have no country. No rights. Nothing. Invasion. Invasion ends all those things instantly when it is enabled from the inside out so the outside can get in.

True story I know of personally: about 3 years ago a 15 year old pregnant Somali girl “materialised” in Wicklow and claimed asylum. She then went into the appropriate ultra-expensive support system for those in her situation and applied to have her family join her here. 8 more people then arrived on a flight on the back of her claim, having paid €12,000 themselves to get here.
I can only speculate where they’re getting that kind of money but this is my best guess:

Reclaiming Al Shabaab’s Revenue.