Anglo Accounts published … t_2008.pdf

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3.8kb/sec. Brings me back to 1994.

You might find this quicker for the report

rns-pdf.londonstockexchange. … 9-2-20.pdf

Posted on another thread, some headlines from Bloomberg

300 million becomes 450 million

Here is the full report

rns-pdf.londonstockexchange. … 9-2-20.pdf

I’m getting

Bit harsh, me thinks.


Would the Minister for Finance agree this is a resigning matter? :unamused:

Why would this be a resigning matter for the Minister for Finance?

Are you saying Brian Lenihan’s nationalisation in the light of this information was a shrewd move? You obviously subscribe to the thesis that Anglo is / was and forever shall be a “systemic” bank and that these 10 individuals are “heroes” with their non-recourse loans! :wink:

So you’re not in favour of public ownership any more?

Who cares about these 10 people

Talk about trying to deflect the issue. Your hardcore Fianna Fail roots would seem to have little ground to take umbrage here!

I’ve always been in favour of public ownership but I wouldn’t honour the debts of this corrupt capitalist system.

Do you care about the €300mn?

It’s 450 - 83 or 367 million.

Anglo employees are raging over this. Word is the directors stuffed their pockets by any means possible on the way down the toilet. Time to call in the Feds.

Plus unpaid interest on ehem commercial rates :laughing:

Has Senaie paid his share back? :nin :angry:

(inflation is rife, 150M more loaned than reported :unamused: )

yes but knowing these guys names isnt gonna bring it back.
They are businessmen and saw what they thought at the time an offer they couldnt turn down.
If and when they are named it will be great publicity for them whoever they are