Anglo bondholder bites back

Anglo bondholder bites back - Sean Whelan->

Anglo Irish rounds on New York hedge fund over action - Emmet Oliver -> … 66894.html

Two hedge funds appeal US court’s Anglo ruling - John Mulligan -> … 80288.html

Surely that would have been the best way to dodge Anglo’s debts. Screw all the bondholder then claim sovereign immunity?

No sovereign immunity under Irish law. English law neither for that matter (assuming majority of Anglo bonds issued in London). … z1pruk4M3X

This nearly slipped under the radar

Thanks to Namawinelake

Interesting idea aobut merging NAMA and IBRC, who are both aiming to wind up by 2020. A lot of savings could be made

$200m Anglo bond notes destroyed by Superstorm Sandy flooding, court told - John Mulligan -> … 68142.html

The dog ate my homework?

So IBRC just need to refuse to reissue the notes? Presumably they can argue that Anglo no longer exists…

Hey, this is Oirland. They probably just have to produce a cup of salty water from their vaults, and we’ll pay them off.

Tell them it’s courtesy of “Brine” Lendahand.

Apparently bearer bonds are rare: … z2JJRCDjc5

Is this ‘Drowning the Bondholders’ … seeing that burning didn’t work!!!

Tell these parasites to sue their insurers over the bonds being stored below sea level.