Anglo default was ‘not inevitable’, report to say


Anglo default was ‘not inevitable’, report to say - -> … -1.2457964


Seems like a case of rewriting history. It’s all a bit irrelevant now as it’s so fookin long ago, going to be harder to determine who said what when.


That was the intention from the outset years ago, drag it out for as long as possible so the general public would lose interest and forget about it. Charge a few token figures and jail some minor bit players, it is ironic the only one doing any perp walk is David Drumm in the United States. Meanwhile Michael Fingleton and Sean Fitzpatrick still walk free as do the heads of the other banks that drove their businesses and shareholder funds into the ground.


This is well worth reading.


Also worth remembering that ‘Enda K’ was very well informed about what was happening within Anglo during this period.