Anglo down again

Good for you!


And such does a moral hazard play out.

Genuinely don’t think people are shorting these. We’ve been up the walls with new regulations and clients have no problem standing back. Volumes on all the financials have dwindled because of this. It’s really not worth the risk of shorting these, it’s not difficult to detect either.

So the analyst does not know the velocity of the deterioration of Anglo’s loan quality but he has an accumulate rating on the shares.

It recovered by 5% this morning for ‘technical’ reasons. At 9am no fewer than 3 helicopters were concurrently visible buzzing around Docklands .

This led to a market rumour that 'something’was going on . I recommend that developers pool their helicopters together and ensure that synchronised flying of this sort is done every sunny day .

Our pensions will be all the better for it :nin

Well I’m hearing a very similar rumour from just that area - it came before the helicopters started circling and involves the imminent demise of a very big developer … with very heavy borrowings …

I don’t think JCT was in any of the choppers spotted … :wink:

None of them were :nin Black Helicopters :nin either. One was blue and another was off white . Astute readers of market runes knew that this was good for a ‘technical correction’

Once you see 3 BLACK helicopters in the sky at the same time then you must BUY! BUY! BUY! BUY! as fast as you can because they signal more than a ‘technical correction’ . Just so all you guys are up to speed on markets and helicopters K!

Thats all very, however, when Northern Rock went under Mrs Seandoc had around €100k with them. It took almost 2 months to get it back. Even though the UK government came out with their guarantee very quickly it took many phone calls, emails etc and lots of time sweating and wondering until the cheque finally arrived. I suspect that if we were relying on our own gubberment to cough up then they wont be half as organised as the brits were in paying out. I think spreading your deposits around is still the best option and Rabobank seem to be most secure from what i read here on the pin.

Yeah, the thought of having money tied up in a never-ending liquidation process/depositors scheme bunfight has given me pause for thought.

Same here, when I first heard of the €100,000 guarantee, my first reaction was to take advantage of Anglo’s high rates as MrsG has one of those €1000 a month high interest accounts maturing with the BOI in October. Then the reality dawned that if the worst was to happen it could be months if not years before the Government would payout.

As an aside MrsG proclaimed that the talk at the coffee break at work yesterday was that “now that everything was sorted out with the banks the price of houses was set to take off again” :unamused:

My deposits are spread across 5/6 banks. I’m too lazy to look now. I’m not too worried about a collapse.

Same here, I was all ready to open a 6% I yr account. No I’m fc*King undecided again!!!

I’m not convinced by the gubberments ‘guarantees’

Following the alleged ‘guarantees’ we made the decision to go ahead and move deposits from Irish institutions to Danske and Rabo and put a small amount in An Post. I don’t trust our banks or the token slogan comments from our impressive Financial Regulator :unamused:

Completely hypothetical situation of course, but if a bank/building society were to fail, which department in the civil service will be in charge of giving depositors their money back? The Regulator? the Revenue Commissioners?. Will you need a tax clearance cert in order to get your money paid over.

rumours, rumours, rumours,

Cork is full of 'em

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Just as well Bertie only deals in cash so!

cryptic post of the month!!!

i would’nt like to get banned.

although the Topic title should give a good enough hint.

Also, I’d say that were it to happen, they would only pay out the actual deposit balance, and not any interest that has accrued. So you could still lose the interest built up but not yet added to the account, which IMO makes putting money in Anglo a bit of a waste.