Anglo gives NY firm three years to repay $335m

Anglo gives NY firm three years to repay $335m - Richard Curran -> … 50978.html

The Althorp.

Confirmation that all that’s missing in life can be remedied with bigger teeth, gold lamé and bland jazz.

Someone should tell Alan Dukes.

Jesus, No! When Dukes figures out that ‘he’ owns the place he’ll demand the penthouse.

Are you sure its bigger teeth cause I couldnt see them in the distance but I did see bigger ahm hair.
Also someone should tell Alan Dukes to **** *** and vacate the gombeen position hes in currently.

Alan dukes is busy overseeing the refurbishment of plush offices for wwastrel newcomer management in Anglo

I kid you not.

In fairness to Dukes, when others would have demanded a penthouse apartment, he’s made do with the back seat of a car.