Anglo hiring 125 staff for 'good bank, bad bank'

Anglo hiring 125 staff for ‘good bank, bad bank’ restructuring - Jon Ihle → … bank-rest/

That makes no sense what so fucking ever.

But it means lucrative unfair dismissal claims for the people who were made redundant who can now claim it wasn’t a genuine redundancy situation…

Unless they rehire the same people :angry:

Under Law, they must offer the posts, if they are the same as the redundant posts to people that they made redundant. After that its fair game for anyone.

Yep - I thought as much.

Well lets be honest, those in the jobs previously were’nt very good at the job, or were’nt allowed to be very good at the job.

“Anglo” + “sense” = does not compute.

Well if they just transferred the same staff to lend more money it wouldnt have been the best idea either would it!!

Anyonoe have any idea on kind of salaries on offer here, I heard they are pretty substantial (someone who was offered one told me) but no idea of a figure

Easily resolved, once they have new Anglo established they then will rebrand it. I can see the marketing firms lining up now, easy money.

I don’t agree at all. Employers will be able to differentiate between the boyos at the top who ruined the place and lower-level clerks, HR people and accountants or whatnot.

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Oh wow, quelle surprise!

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worse than that

every banker in the world knows that they would have done the same as anglo if they could

Banking is about renumeration of the senior bankers

These jobs dont seem to be on their website. Are they advertised somewhere?

Yes - I wonder what is more damaging to a CV to have Anglo or Depfa on it?

Or would other banks HR depts just say that AIB, BoI were just as bad at making lending decisions so middle management shouldn’t be blamed

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